8-Bit Software Online Conversion

      No.16          FOOTNOTE TO MAGAZINE:  Welcome to the new style magazine, I hope you prefer it to the two previous incarnations; which were for the record Martin Watson's teletext magazine produced with !ABZ and Duncan's eighty column text mag. One of the requirements for this magazine was that it could be printed and I'd like to draw your attention to a possible difference between printed and on screen articles. I recieve from Duncan text files on a disc which I then type up into the MODE 7 articles. At present the printed articles are Duncan's original text which may differ slightly from the teletext text as I sometimes find it necessary to correct and alter the original text. Most of the printed articles will have been corrected accordingly against the on screen articles. I will develop an automatic converter to make printable text files from teletext files, at first this will not be done real time but in the long run this is a possibility. (It would save a great amount of space for programs on issue discs). I would welcome your comments about the new magazine as a whole, please send these to Duncan in the usual manner. ANDY NIBBS