8-Bit Software Online Conversion


This is an online conversion of the 8-Bit Software Magazine, developed by me, Matt Robinson.  8-Bit Software was a public domain software library and floppy disk based magazine for the owners of BBC computers, which was published between 1990 and 1998.  More about 8BS.


When I originally started working on this conversion in 2007 I thought it would be an interesting challenge to generate HTML pages which looked as close as possible to how the original articles did on the BBC, but could also have their content indexed by search engines.

Happily this challenge has become easier over time as browsers have advanced, and the emergence of the amazing jsbeeb in 2014 allowed me to give visitors the option of running the original magazines or selected programs directly in their browser.


All of the magazines are now online, but there are still plenty of refinements that I intend to make to the handling of their content.  This includes improvements to the Mode 0 conversion and the menus.


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Comments, suggestions, or bugs?

If you experience any problems with this conversion or would like to make improvement suggestions (technical or otherwise) then please raise them as issues on GitHub.