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______________________________________________________________________ SSSSSSSSSSSSS SS SSSSSSSSSSS Duncan SS Webster SSS SS SSSSSSSS SS SS SSSSSSS SSSS SSSSSS SSSSSSS SSSSSSS SSSSSSSS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS S SS SS SSS SS SS SSSSSSS SS SSSSSS SS S SS SSSSSSS SSSSSSSS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SSSSSSSS SSSSSSS SSSSSSS SSSSS SSSSSS SS SS SSSSSSS SS SS Suite of programs - Number 3 SSSSSSS Copyright (c) Duncan Webster 1990 ______________________________________________________________________ B A N K A C C O U N T M A N A G E M E N T (V.3a) ______________________________________________________________________ ***** IMPORTANT ***** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This program (SYSTEMS bank) is available subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise be lent, sold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the author's prior consent. Action may be taken against any person deemed to be in infringement of this notice. The distribution of this program through any unauthourised media is strictly prohibited. Any person or organisation wishing to distribute this program through their own means should contact the author of the program at the address given at the end of this manual. ______________________________________________________________________ Index to inside Pages ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SECTION 1 ..... 1.1 Getting Started (using the context menu) 1.2 Creating A New Account Record SECTION 2 ..... 2.1 Finding your way around SYSTEMS bank 2.2 Entering TRANSACTIONS to your account 2.2.1 To Make a Deposit 2.2.2 To Make a Withdrawal 2.3 Transaction Command Extensions 2.4 Leaving Transactions Mode ** VERY IMPORTANT ** 2.5 The Account Enquiries Menu 2.5.1 Showing Account Details 2.5.2 Obtaining A Bank Statement (Screen) 2.5.3 Obtaining A Bank Statement (Printer) 2.6 Using the Regular Payments Facilities 2.6.1 Creating New Regular Payments 2.6.2 Viewing Existing Regular Payments 2.6.3 Running the Regular Payments file 2.6.4 What are Suspension Tags? 2.6.5 Amending or Deleting Regular Payments 2.6.6 Deleting ALL Regular Payments 2.7 Amending Account Details 2.8 Resetting the Statement File 2.9 Corrupted Statement Files SECTION 3 ..... 3.1 Programmers Notes APPENDIX ...... SYSTEMS bank CODED INSTRUCTIONS LIST