8-Bit Software Online Conversion

        The upgraded SYSTEMS SERVER is almost finished. The main problem experienced by all members was program speed when amending/deleting program records. The speed has now increased quite a lot, but not substantially- and a new routine just discovered will make amendments almost instantaneous. This will be put into a future version-perhaps by Easter. Duncan is currently looking for volunteers who would like an advanced copy of the 5a version of it. Ideally these would have to be regular users of the current program. The volunteers would spend 3-4 weeks with the program to spot any bugs before the program gets rolled out in Issue 9 or 10. Please say if you will test it on the Questionaire*

        Other P.D. houses have contacted Duncan with regards to swapping P.D. software. This would mean an increased range of software on this library and keep it running for longer. This is the official bit to ask everybody who has contributed software if they agree to Duncan swapping software. If you do, then don't send in anything, but if you object then tell Duncan by 15th Febuary 1991 when your software will be swapped. It appears that newer members to 8-bit P.D. have access to a Music 500/5000 synthesiser produced by Hybrid. Just as a note, 8-bit P.D. supports all things AMPLE and a number of Music * 500/5000 titles are avaliable on request