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Hard Copy Option for Duncan Webster's File Server by C.J.Richardson. A hard copy option which enables you to search the datafile PROGFLE. You can search sequentially backwards and forwards in jumps of 1 or 10. Another option allows you to search by data field type. The information can be sent to screen only or screen and printer. When selected, the program "HARD" will present you with the main option menu. It is this display which will indicate the format of the information which will be displayed on screen or at the printer. MAIN MENU Pressing letters A to K toggles the information type to be displayed on and off. If the information is to be displayed it will be green. If the information is not to be displayed, it will be red. Option L toggles the printer on and off. Printer is the only option which defaults to OFF at the start of the program. Pressing letters M or N will enter search modes. Manual, chosen by pressing the letter N, is a sequential search in single jumps ( X forward, Z backward ) or jumps of ten for rapid movement ( < and > ). If the printer option is ON all the information displayed will be sent to the printer. EXAMPLE Run "HARD". Options A to L are green i.e. switched on. Switch off options B to I and K. This leaves only option A and J green. Press N for manual search. Hold down X. You will now see all your program numbers and names in sequence. Press Escape. Press L to turn printer option on. Prepare your printer. Press N. Hold down X. Information displayed will be as before, but it will also go to the printer. Press Escape to finish. Specific search, selected by pressing M, presents you with the second menu. SPECIFIC SEARCH MENU Search by one specific data field type i.e. disc name. Select A to K with a single keypress. You have now chosen the data field that you wish to search by. For example, press F. The search will now be by owner. You now must enter the name of the owner EXACTLY as it was entered origionally. The program will then commence a search through all the records displaying all the records with the same owner. Display will be as chosen from the main menu. So if in the previous example is used, only program name and number will be displayed. Matching records are displayed as soon as they are found. This is OK if printer option is on. However if the printer option is not on, you may wish to read the information before it is whisked away. Selecting pause ( L from the search option menu ) will force the program to halt between records displayed and wait for a keypress before the next is displayed. If you wish to print out all your programs just press return instead of letters A to K. At any time ESCAPE returns you to the MAIN MENU. SHIFT+ESCAPE returns you to the main FILE SERVER program. The present record number only goes to 1 when a specific search starts, therefore if you leave a search using ESCAPE, when you return to the search, you will be at the last record you were reading. A reminder of the keys to use is at the bottom of the main menu. There is also a reminder of the colour code - red=off green=on. The program does not interfere with the data in PROGFLE. It only reads it. Therefore you cannot do any damage to your data with this program.