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Letter Head Designer ==================== Written by Piers Wilson. ======================== Loading ------- Hold <SHIFT> and tap <BREAK> or type CHAIN"$.Letter" The Program ----------- When the program has loaded you will be presented with a menu containing 6 options: 1) This option will allow you to print the letter head on an Epson compatable printer. The computer will ask you whether you want the letter head to be underlined, if you reply with "Y" a line will be drawn across just below the letter head on the paper. Then ensure your printer is ready and press "P" to start printing. When printing is finished the printer will beep and the main menu will reappear on the screen. 2) This is the option that allows you to design a letter head. When selected the screen will clear and a "Scroll bar" will appear near the top of the screen. position this using the "Z" and "X" keys and press <RETURN> when it is in position. The word "Thinking" will then appear and the computer will expand the selected area in the edit window. When it has finished "Editing" will appear and a flashing cursor will be in the top left corner. Move this about using Z,X,* and / with <RETURN> to set a pixel and <DELETE> to blank a pixel. As you are editing the design will be echoed in the top window. When you are happy pressing <ESCAPE> will return you to the main menu. 3) When selected you will be prompted for a filename. Do not use a directory path, just type a name up to 7 characters and press <RETURN>. All files are saved in the directory "L" 4) This allows you to load a previously designed file into the computer for printing and/or editing. 5) This will clear the current letter head. It can be used if you want to start again. 6) The final option, Quit, will end the program, after first checking with the user that it is okay to do so. Notes ----- ADFS users will need to create a directory for the letter heads to go in. This can be done with the command: *CDIR L The printer dump is in PROCprint. It prints in quad-density on Epson compatables. Consult your printer manual if yours is not Epson compatable. Look out for version 2.00. Features double resolution, better editing, file compression when saved, mode conversion and import etc. This program is public domain, it can be freely copied/distributed and there are no restrictions for its use (eg. site licenses).