8-Bit Software Online Conversion

SPEECH DATA FIDDLER BY C.J.RICHARDSON _____________________________________ This program will load in !SPEECH and SWRSPEECH, allow you to alter the data used in it's dictionary. It then allows you to save the altered versions. To use it, CHAIN "SPCFID". PAGE must be at or below &1100. You will be presented with the menu. Choose option 1 and/or 2 to load in your own copy of SWRSPEECH and/or !SPEECH. You are prompted for the filenames. If loading into SWR you will of course need to press CTRL+BREAK and then reload SPCFID. The program uses slot 6. If you have loaded SWR you will need to choose option 7 to move the data into &2000 so it can be altered. Option 8 will find the last stars of the data for both SPEECH and SWR versions. If you haven't loaded one or other of the versions, the result will be the start address of the search. This is a useful option as !SPEECH data must end with two stars, therefore this is the point that you want to be adding new data. When you have found the end of the data you can choose- Option 3 which is the memory editor. You are first asked where in memory you wish to go (usually to the last stars of the speech area, see later). Respond in either decimal or hexadecimal. A series of memory locations are then displayed. Keys used are - : to move down through memory and any other to move up. C followed by the character you wish to insert to change a memory location. M to return to the menu J to jump to elsewhere in memory. You are prompted for an address which can be given in hexadecimal or decimal. To try out your alterations use- @ to *SAY [ to *SPEAK When you have finished altering memory, press M for the menu. Option 4 will transfer the data that you have altered in the SPEECH area into the SWR area and then into sideways ram thereby ensuring that all versions are the same. From this you can see that it is only really necessary to edit the SPEECH area. Option 5 saves SWRSPEECH. You are prompted for a filename. DON'T use the origional! Option 6 saves !SPEECH. You are prompted for a filename. DON'T use the origional! Option 9 will transfer the data from the SWR area to the speech area this option is sometimes useful. So a typical editing session will usually run in this order of options chosen: 1 2 7 8 3 4 6 5. If altering both !SPEECH and SWRSPEECH Error trapping is not switched on. If at any point the program stops and you re-run it, you must reload SPEECH and transfer data from RAM to ensure the data is not corrupted. ___________________________________