8-Bit Software Online Conversion

          ADVANCED DISC BACKUP= A "desktop" style backup utility (for personal use only). Just input the Source and Destination drives and the Start and Finish tracks. e.g. 0,1,0,79 will backup an 80 track disc from drive 0 to 1. Works on Model B, unsure about the Master. VDU CODES KILLER= Will get rid of all those tiresome VDU 19 codes that often prevent a disc from being catalogued. Just run the program which will install the routine. Will remain until BREAK is pressed. *

          TAPE TO DFS/ADFS UTILITIES= Will transfer files from cassette to a DFS or ADFS disc with ease. Program will also transfer "Locked" cassette files. TEST CARDS PROGRAM= A useful and excellently presented utility to help all those people with GCSE examinations or tests pending. Program will organise and store "test cards" to aid your learning. Full instructions provided within the program. SWRLOAD AND NOTEPAD ROM= I think this program should only work with MASTER machines as it does not appear to work with my Model B. *

          Basically it is a program to organise and load all your Sideways ROM/RAM utils A ROM image is provided-R.Notepad, which also doesn't work on a Model B with 16k Sideways RAM. Somebody please try it on a Master and tell me what it does. SPEECH! FIDDLE PROGRAM= A program that adds a few extra utilities to your Speech! program. LOST YOUR MARBLES= This is an excellent game which easily qualifies for magazine standard if not beyond. The program was in fact rejected by Micro User due to lack of space (I think) so the author kindly turned it over to P.D. Another program is due next

          month. LETTERHEAD DESIGNER= If you run a bulletin board, P.D library or just want to create your own personal letterhead then this is for you. A very easy to use and understand letterhead designer. Full instructions provided in the help files on the menu. SYSTEMS HARDCOPY UTILITY= The SYSTEMS fileserver lacks the option to send data to the printer at present, but this will be rectified for version 6's launch. Meanwhile, C.J.Richardson has written this little utility to keep users happy. The program provides some useful search and print utilities. *

          Manuals are supplied as ASCII files that can be viewed from the HELP FILES menu on the disc. FAULTS GRAPHICS PROGRAM= Not too sure what this is supposed to do as there is no documentation. I have been able to get some graphics out of it occasionally. INCA TREASURE ADVENTURE= All that can be said is that it's an adventure. More like this are avaliable on TBI04(See News). CITY BOMBER GAME= Good version of an old classic. One of the first (similar) games that I ever *

          typed in on the Beeb. BONUS SOFTWARE= Also on this disc is some bonus software (which is listed on the first menu after booting). Most of this software is accompanied by manuals which are avaliable from the HELP FILES menu. VIEW SPELLCHECKER= This is a spelling checker for VIEW and WORDWISE files. The program is of high quality and is very easy to use. Just use Ch."SPELL" on side 2 or *EXEC !BOOT after a *DR.2 command. INFORMANT ROM= It acts as an on-line programmers help*

          manual. Full manuals to it are supplied which can be found from the HELP FILES menu. GHOSTBUSTERS LOGO= Graphical demonstration- More scheduled for issue 10/11. --------------------------------------- These Bonus programs were courtesy of Alan Blundell of BBC-PD. He charges 50p copying fees per disc, or free if you send in some of your own to- Alan Blundell (BBC-PD) 18 Carlton Close Blackrod BOLTON BL6 5DL.