8-Bit Software Online Conversion

            Since last issue, two new members have joined the 8-bit P.D. staff, this section will just tell you what we are all doing. DUNCAN WEBSTER runs it all, as you all know. Since the beginning he's now captured the 'talents' of the following people- MARTIN WATSON (thats me) is doing the magazine. Many thanks for all the favourible comments, it wasn't bad for 4 hours slaving at my Beeb. A football fan and a raving lunatic. * ANDY NIBBS has just been appointed the technical expert. If you've got anything wrong with your computer, then Andy will

            try to sort it out for you. Even if we can't give you an anwser, then we'll certainly discuss it in the next avaliable issue. If you have any problems then write to the usual address and we'll try to sort it out. ANDREW BLACK has been appointed as REVIEWS EDITOR. If anybody wants to write a review then send it to him c/o 8-bit P.D. at the usual address. His first job will appear next issue- a full review of U.I.M. THE MAGAZINE itself is written on !ABZ Teletext Editor, which is P.D. from Harston P.D. and written by J.G.Harston His address was in Micro User Jan 1991*

            ANDY NIBBS also writes his own disc magazine for the BBC Master called "Masterdisc Magazine". Currently in it's third issue, it includes excellent games and utilities. The "Lost Your Marbles" game is a sample of the software on his disc and there is another taster from him next month in another game. For £1-50 he'll send you the disc. Send any money to- "Masterdisc Magazine" Andy Nibbs 2 Seaview Hoylake Wirral L47 2DD