8-Bit Software Online Conversion

    * IF YOU ARE ABLE TO HELP WITH ANY OF THE PROBLEMS OR ARE WISHING TO DO TRADE WITH ANY OF THE ADVERTISERS THEN WRITE IN TO THE USUAL ADDRESS QUOTING THE USER ID. * Can anybody out there write an understandable article on the communications world and modems. I have had many enquiries about going on-line and I cannot make myself clearly understood. If you think you can write this article (no matter how large or small) then please base it on the following topics-Modem configuration, phone costs, Bulletin Boards and Prestel ROM software needed, compatibility etc. (105) *

    * Many people have also written in asking how sound samples are made to run on the standard Model B or Master computers. Does anyone know? What kind of equipment is needed and how much does it cost. What are the steps to sound samples?(105) * Interested in some AMX fonts? 8-bit P.D. have now got 5 or 6 kindly submitted by Andrew Snodgrass. Just send in an extra disc with your Issue 9 disc requesting the AMX Fonts, and we'll send you them with Issue 10.(YJ2) * How do you duplicate the BASIC RND command in Machine Code? What would the M.C. equivalent of no.%=RND(100) be? *

    Can anybody supply me with a routine on disc?(2J3) HAS ANYBODY GOT A DESCENT DFS-ADFS COPIER FOR THE MASTER. * Does anybody know of a supplier who can supply 8.5 inch paper roll for a Centronics H.80.(854) * I seem to have got a few discs mixed up from issue 6/7. If you are currently in possession of an ATHANA disc (possibly YJ2) and you know it is not yours then please return it to me and I'll issue a replacement. The person concerned would very much like his disc back, so please check your discs.(105)*

    * I have had an enquiry asking wether you can initalise a DIM statement from within a PROCedure. I'm afraid I don't use DIM's when I program so I don't know about it, does anybody?(105) * Does anybody know of a good year diary program, where can you get it, how much it costs and if there is a P.D. version.(Y8E) * It seems that 8-bit has quite a few Radio Amateurs. 90E(who is not a R.A.) has sent in some software. If you would like the software then send in a disc, or just write in if you want to get in touch with other R.A.'s. *

    * What is the aim of the game in Airwolf? I've found the scientist on mission 1 and mapped it out- what do I do now.(1K1) * Does anybody know how to cheaply connect a MIDI keyboard to a Model B micro? Can it be done? Can the connection be made through the RS232 or 1Mhz Bus. Is programming the keyboard possible.(Y2J) * For Sale-Time and Magic, Revs, The Gold Collection, Lord Of the Rings, Graphic Adventure Creator, Spy Vs Spy, Repton 2, Alien 8.(2J3) *

    * Good origional copy of Superior Soccer- anyone want to swap with Arcade Soccer. 5.25" Disc 40/80T BBC B/+/Master (1K1) * Wanted- Colour Monitor(any make or model). Swap SLAVE ROM for INTERBASE or similar Database ROM.(Jean Chappell) * Sell BBC B/Master origional U.I.M. Normally £20, sell for £10.(105) IF YOU SHOULD WANT TO PURCHASE ANY ITEMS FROM ANY MEMBER ADVERTISED HERE THEN TO FAIRNESS THE BUYER AND SELLER SEND THEIR AGREED ITEMS/MONEY TO 8-BIT'S ADDRESS AND WHEN DUNCAN HAS BOTH ITEMS HE'LL *

    SEND THEM ON. IF YOU WANT TO SORT IT OUT YOURSELVES THEN SAY SO AND WE'LL SEND YOU THE NECESSARY ADDRESSES.