8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Disc Magazine Instructions: *** YOU MUST HAVE AN 80 TRACK DOUBLE SIDED DRIVE TO RUN THE MAG *** To run the magazine. Insert the issue disc into drive 0 and perform an auto boot. You will see some menu options the first being the "issue <x> disc magazine". Select this option and the magazine will run. You will shortly see the magazine menu. Much of the magazine operation is self explanatory, but these guidelines might help the novice user a little ... 1. Remember - the red function key f4 always returns you to the menu. 2. Each menu option runs a "carousel" of pages with each page being displayed for a period of time before automatically changing to the next page. Pressing the space bar will make the computer jump to the next page in the carousel. When the end of the carousel is reached the computer will "wrap around" back to the first page and begin the carousel again. You have to press f4 to exit. 3. If a page changes before you have completely read it, then keep pressing the space bar until the carousel wraps around to the same page again. 4. Any problems/comments on this edition please feel free to make your views known - that's what we're here for. Finally if you would like a paper based version of this magazine then you may have a copy but a charge of 50p will be made to cover paper and printing costs. Should you want a paper based version then please write enclosing 50p worth of stamps or Cash and the magazine will be dispatched by return post.