8-Bit Software Online Conversion

ADVENTURE HINTS AND TIPS Adventure To enter cavern - say Open Sesame Turn off the lamp and hoot. The password to be a wizard is apperently a red herring. Adventureland To find last treasure rub lamp several times. Adventure Quest To pass the giant - Need the sling and silver ball, the story of David and Goliath helps. To deal with the Djinn open the wind-bag in his presence. The teleport locations are marked out as follows : Black dot is teleport entrance, a white spot where you end up. Blue Dragon To get past slug - Swap gold with smug dwarf to get a gem to open door with the outline. After freeing the princess you must kill dragon. Use the galley, the boat, then cross the desert and explore the fort. You can't get into cottage or up the rickety staircase. PLAY FLUTE when you stop wizard is so grateful he frees the bird. Bored Of The Rings Openin Morona gate - Take pepper to gate and drop Castle Frankenstein To climb slope "use your head". To kill monster cut bridge while its on it. Violin is only for score. Castle Of Rings Black maze there is only one route. Find it and go back for the bomb. A password from the shooting gallery and the bomb frightens off the giants. To escape the creature in the corridors of doom : What colour is that paint that you should of found? If your lamp keeps going out when you enter the fountain of youth put it out before hand. Crown Jewels Treasures Houses of Parliament, Madam Tussauds, Buckingham Palace. Don't drink the wine in the Queen's bedroom. Don't go where the PM is. To get the orb, burn the staute. The sceptre is behind Big Ben'S clockface. The crown is under the throne in the palace. Turn on the torch in the chaber of horrors but remember there are two of them, Get the matches and set light to the highly inflammable waxwork. To get the money clean the toilets and strike a pose. The orb is in Madame Tussauds and you'll need to drug somebody to get into the control room at Tower Bridge. Denis Through The Drinking Glass Drop ticket (brought from the policeman outside No10) take wire and run. Also one should not forget to drink every tenth move. Eye Of Zoltan The password needed in the secret passages is found in a cryptogram, to solve it try skipping backwards. Wear some gloves to get the orb and pay the boatman. To get off the beach : use your treasures before you store them. The password to get into castle is IS ! Fantasia Diamond To get through musical door - Give baton to conductor and violin to violinist. Drop a book and tell them to play the music in it. Five Stones of Anadon The matches are in the bag in the wizard'S bedroom. Galadriel To cure toad poisoning show bottle and gobelt to the lore-master. Gisbournes Castle Maid MArion is in the chaple - try excavation in the dungeons to get there. To get through a small opening make youself smaller. The rusty door needs some lubrication. Greedy Dwarf Jump tripwire or you will be stuck in the maze. Map the maze by dropping objects. Be fast on your feet to get past the shadow monsters. The hut is across the river. Wave the wand to cross the chasm. You need the compass to get out of the muddy maze and drop a sausages. The dwarf is in the maze. The sword is needed, to kill the spider? Are the keys needed to get the sword. Gremlins Apperently you don't kill the gremlins when you've go them watching the film. Hampstead Pipa is at the party near the bank. The industrial estate is a maze - there is something in there. To get the money for the cottage vote option 3 in the boardroom Wear the tweed suit and have the object from the industrial estate to meet the man on the train. To gain full score read the motto. Artists like the oddest things. Don't forget the old school tie. MAP 2 OXFAM SHOP ------ MAIN ROAD ----- NEWSAGENTS tweeds SOUTH magazine dogs book ELECTRIC SHOP ----- OUTSIDE walkman STATION STATION ------------- / office \ / \ / \ / \ PLATFORM 3 PLATFORM 2 PLATFORM 1 Kings X Richmond Waterloo \ \ \ Haunted Abbey To list - Start to load a saved position and then press ESCAPE before loading is complete. After that the game is listable. Inheritance To enter part 2 change 9070IFL>=10000THENPROCSPACE:PROCWIN To remove the storms in part 2 17290IFL>1000000ANDTW=1..... Kingdom Of Hamil To light the lamp - ON. To kill vampire. Lead him to Tapestry Room and open the curtains. Kingdom Of Klein You can't get unfrozen in the icicle room, get out of the rowing boat in the pool or kill the squid. To get out of the sandcastle after you have waved the wand you need a password. This is made up of letters you will find in the game. To open the safe use a key. To cross lake - Goto chaple push portrait and unlock safe. Labyrinths Of Lacoshe The adventure must be completed in less than 136 moves to gain the points needed to open the door to HADES.

ADVENTURE HINTS AND TIPS 2 Mystery Fun House To get started look at the tree and the grating. The heel of your shoe hold something useful, a good chew will stick a coin in the bank - if you have the right branch. The valve turns off the merry-go-round and a blue button answers another problem. Climbing the pole that holds the horse upright leads you partway to the catwalk. Old Father Time Go south form the marble room to the waiting room and wait several turns until a secret passage is opened. Go through, open the chest with a key and get the hourglass. Pettigrews Diary To get combination to the House of Phun read the diary and examine the book titles. The Barry Marilow room number can be found by listening to the shady lady's story. Annie Gramm is in the hotel.. wait until the fans are outside and go in and ask for Barry Manilow (anagram of Lim Ray Barnow). Rhythma Tiq is in the house on the island. combination loack code is 58. Help the Japanese tourists and they will give you a camera. Take a picture of Annie and show it to Rhythma. The money is in Cleopatra's Needle. Say "kulfatyn" to the old man on the park bench. Pirate Adventure The key is under the rug but you are on the wrong side of the door - find another route. The flotsam and jetsam is not getable, DIG the anchor out. Pyramid Of Doom Early versions have a bug preventing entry to the pyramid. Quest For The Holey Grail The dragon needs lubrication he dislikes oil. Try putting something valuable in the niche in the huge stone. Don't listen to the maiden. The hole in the roof of the cave can be reached with the ladder. Only one dungeon is safe to use. Find it and push the wall something to do with the monestry. For knights - use matching sword. To get axe - hide it first. Carry plank up tree - find swamp when you come back down. Red Moon To get rid of the dog. Put the pill into the meat and feed it to the dog. Return To Eden To not get killed by Snowball's engines - you have to wear the radsuit and dig your way out of trouble here. Rick Hanson "Agent Hanson this is Control. General Garank has gone too far this time! He's threatening to nuke the lot of us if we don't comply with certain demands hes making! You've gotta stop him! Assasinate him, Rick, its our only chance! Stay the night at the tavern in the next village and you'll recive futher instructions." Ring Of Time To kill the mad monk use the sword past the crocodiles. Robin Of Sherwood To escape prison : CLIMB PRISONER, CALL GUARD until guard comes and stands above you. GRAB ANKLE and CHOKE GUARD. EXAM GUARD, TAKE SWORD, SLIDE BOLT, OPEN GRATE, CLIMB OUT. If the prisoners collapse climb prisoners again, don't take the sword when it falls into the cell. Then GO DOOR, GO GATE, GO BATTLEMENTS, GO DOOR, GO RIGHT, CARRY MARION, GO WINDOW. Sadim Castle To avoid getting your throat read the Bible twice. Use the stake on the portcullis. Kill the cheetah with the knife. To enter the gates to the caslte grounds fix the farmer's roof and do a deal with the monk. Spiderman To get past the fan uses something to stop it turning. Mix the chemicals in the lab to make some web fluid. Jump to get to the cloud. To get the ringmaster's gem close eyes, enter room, push knob, turn knob, open eyes. Ignore the mirror. Spinx Adventure Map to avoid the routes that avoid the pirate and the rabbit. Go across the everglades, collect everything and return. Go across the troll's bridge, avoid the bear, collect the jack and rub the ring to get out. Come back through the fiery passages, collect the safe treasure. Explore all locations EXCEPT the iron passages and coloured rooms mazer. Cross the glacier and get the stilton. Get as much treasure as possible and leave what is not needed at the Spinx. Go to the vampires castle and get the mouse and boat. Go back across the glacier and et the matches past the elephant. Rub the ring then go up to the lake and cross it. Get the crown and return to the sorcerer's lair. Go back up to the Spinx, collecting remaining treasure. Drop everything, kneel and wave the wand. Treasures : bottle, carrot, silver bar, rug, library books, coins, gold bar, opals, Mithril ring, platinum bar, emerald, pearl, cushion, spice jar, diamond, bracelet, sceptre, rubies, sapphires, amethyst, crown. Magic : Wand - wave at chasm for bridge, wave in fairy grotto for the mithril ring. At spinx kneel and wave wand to finish game. Mithrill ring - Transports you to sorcerer's lair when rubbed. Diaxos - Used to open safe and to get from the west antechamber from spell chamber. Lamp - Rub when it goes dim. Characters : Elephant - Drop mouse Goblins - throw dragons teeth Pirate - at crossroads. Avoid him Rabbit - Causes the trolls bridge to collapse. Avoid Crocodile - feed him Troll - Pay him Bear - Collapses trolls bridge Ogre - use sword Dwarves - kill them with axe. Random movements Dragon - Use your bare hands and then look around. Orc - chases bear away. Mouse - feed Vampire - open casket in courtyard and use stake. Objects: Keys - pirates chest Bottle - fill with lake water and throw at firey passages Dragons teeth - appear after dragon is killed Clam - use jack Catacombs - 4 loca Staff Of Law YABADABADOO is magic word - look it up in a suitable tome. Strange Odessey When you have the spacesuit try opening and closing it. Stranded The picklock is in the desert. If only the lockpick and fuel capsual climb a tree. To make the ship take off, drop fuel and pull lever. To start the Tardis a time crystal will come in handy. A suit is necessary attire here as visitors to the engine room will discover. After dropping the crystal, type press <colour> and go south. Unlock your front door and you have done it! Stolen lamp You can get the key-box OR sword by smashing the column or pillar, but you only need one. Suicide Island Ten Little Indians The silver figurine is in the utensil store beyond various rooms from the green bathroom. However you must open the passage to the back stairs fist via the suit of armour. The black figurine is hidden in the river mud - but dont carry too much or stay too long. The gates don't need opening. From the country road ENTER GATEHOUSE, UP and use the rope to go down to the drive. Terrormolinos To get rid of the bull lead him into the china shop. After taking a successful photo at the monastery youm need to search the catacombs until you find Mr Snargsby. To kill the shark type FIRE HARPOON, and finally enter the Tardis. You can only get the film for the camera in Terrormolinos itself, so go NW from the Plaza after leaving your hotel room. The Count Keep loosing the tent stake "a century of dust" provides an answer. The coffin is in the crypt, try smoking a cigarette. Try opening the coffin then go inside it. Valley Of Kings Examine a gold statue and you will be able to 'speak your reply'. Village Of Lost Souls Use the bucket of water to put the fire in the house out. Voodoo Castle Saw your way out of the cell. Wave the ring to open the stone door. Mix and drink the chemicals to get through the small door. Drink the witches' brew for a moving experience! To get the ju-ju bag, get the statue and go to the bag. Then say "zap" and listen. Listen to what the raven says. Recall code CALL &1902 Whats Eeyores Reddy Teddy - REDDY TEDDY GO does nothing. A letter or two is missed from the last word. Its a let there be light bear. Wizards Challenge Get the nurse from the medical room in the classrom area to bandage the finger. Once you have collected everything of value from the classrom area and you have got rid of the bully, go to the Music room and SING. To light the lamp use ON.