8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software Electronic Mailbox (c) Duncan Webster March 1991. User: 2J3 Name: C J Richardson Date: 28th April 1991 From: 105 Message: Hi! - Well, here are your discs - all returned. Sorry for the delay. As usual, the XBEEB program, excellent though it is will not get on with my modem. I have however stored it for future use when I eventually get a decent modem (not a nightingale that is). From the comments I have receiving the cheats seem to have gone down well. Your TBI discs are also popular, with one in two TBI requests being for your own disc(s). Can't chat now - only 89 more discs to copy for this issue - seeya on the phone or CCL4 .... Bye. Duncan. MESSAGE ENDS.