8-Bit Software Online Conversion

User Issue Program Comments I.D. No. Name ______________________________________________________________________ 238 6 MENU PROGRAM Enjoyed the scrolling text part better. Most likely to use it in a program. Y2J 6 MENU PROGRAM Very Good - a bit slow but when you speed it up it is too flickery and I don't know how to get round this - nice utility. 735 6 MENU PROGRAM Very Good. The scrolling text is useful <space> to reverse it is a good idea. 8CT 6 MENU PROGRAM Very useful - I'll use this in the next program I write as it is a small, simple but very impressive utility. Letting you reverse direction with the Space Bar is a good idea. 14E 6 MENU PROGRAM Nice Program. Could be useful for front end of multiple program discs. 8J4 6 MENU PROGRAM Most Useful, but vertical bar would assist. 455 6 MENU PROGRAM Good utility but nothing new - I prefer to write my own menu utilities as it injects a little of your personality on the disc. ______________________________________________________________________ User Issue Program Comments I.D. No. Name ______________________________________________________________________ 238 6 ADFS BACKUP Excellent! - I usually use MBcopy but this is faster and BETTER. I wonder if the author would consider putting this and other routines onto a SWR or ROM image? 455 6 ADFS BACKUP Reasonably quick routine but with dual drives the backup in the new Master MOS is quicker. 72B 6 ADFS BACKUP I am always on the lookout for better backup programs - it can be so slow on ADFS. I like the way this one reported progress in bytes rather than tracks. Sadly it did not fare well on Speed. 4DO 6 ADFS BACKUP Now! this is useful - used to back up all of my stuff nearly - worked fine but would be nice if it worked on a hard drive. 2J3 6 ADFS BACKUP How to start? Fantastic - a program that my arms and drive have been waiting for. Rapid - far far fewer disc changes required than before - program will save me hours of work. 51E 6 ADFS BACKUP Very good. I've been needing better backup program for ADFS for ages. I have already saved it onto the welcome utilites disc. 822 6 ADFS BACKUP A truly useful utility - this program impressed me - I'm glad that it makes use of the Masters SWR space - it offers plenty of scope for things like this. - How About a DFS version? ______________________________________________________________________ User Issue Program Comments I.D. No. Name ______________________________________________________________________ 2J3 5 BUNGLE BROTHRS Pottered straight through it. Vert enter- taining - some parts quite amusing. I do like text adventures and found this one quite refreshing. Quite taxing for young children. 8CT 5 BUNGLE BROTHRS Good Adventure up to the point at which I got stuck after only finding 21 locations and 6 objects. Will there be any hints and help for the future in this game? 6JE 5 BUNGLE BROTHRS Very funny, good ideas. Not too easy to play but not too hard either. 14E 5 BUNGLE BROTHRS Good Adventure Game 4E2 5 BUNGLE BROTHRS Obviously a Gem (from being top of the menu). The parser is abviously good as I tried GO NORTH AND SOUTH and it did! The descriptions at the locations are a little short. Impressed. Who wrote it? Will try to solve. Good sense of humour throughout. Did tend to clear the screen whenever you change the location. Is the log cabin a red herring? - No? I don't think so! GREAT! - I'm converted to adventure - will send this to the mad hatter at Micro User. 7GE 5 BUNGLE BROTHRS Excellent! - This is one that will keep me glued to my micro for days! 455 5 BUNGLE BROTHRS I found the introduction to be amusing and well presented. However I did not like the game as I do not have the patience to persevere with text adventures unless they are easy to start with. I was irratated to be told 'you see a newspaper' but when I tried to take it an examine it it said - "you can't see that". Overall it seems to be pretty standard text adventure with adequate parsers and seems to be of a standard simalar to Acornsoft adventures. 31K 5 BUNGLE BROTHRS Dispite my lack of interest in adventure games I see the author has gone to some lengths to make the program run well. Idea: Any Small graphics to go with it to make it more interesting? 4DO 5 BUNGLE BROTHRS Reasonable game with quite a decent parser. Location descriptions could be GREATLY expanded. Would be good if there was greater interaction between the player and the characters in the game. Also if the characters were "mobile" this would improve the game a lot. ______________________________________________________________________ User Issue Program Comments I.D. No. Name ______________________________________________________________________ 8CT 5 STOCK MARKET Very Difficult to play and I have another stock market program that is easier to use It has all information on screen so you can see the prices and your stock. It also doesn't stop the game if you press a wrong key. 238 5 STOCK MARKET Easy to Play becoming a bit boring. Random seed generator for going bankrupt became a nuisance when buying lead (you seemed to be bankrupt automatically). 6JE 5 STOCK MARKET Not Bad - Needs improvements such as error trapping (v. easy to go bankrupt) 14E 5 STOCK MARKET Could be improved with better layout, more detail and some colour. 7GE 5 STOCK MARKET Good scope for expansion - needs more features - YOUR stock needs to be shown all the time - not a bad game though! 43C 5 STOCK MARKET Not obvious which metal is which letter Should have it listed by their side Should list all possibilities on screen 455 5 STOCK MARKET Not a bad program - it took me 11 "months" to start to make a profit. Simalar to a commercial program I have called GB Ltd. The Most off putting part of the game is the lack of colour presentation. Some simple teletext graphics would make the program far more interesting. 31K 5 STOCK MARKET I thought this program would not be interesting but it WAS. I was totally addicted to it as I HAD to succeed in getting that #1,000,000. Obviously a simple program but effective. Idea - instead of changing screens all the time have one screen constantly being updated with information of your stock/share holding. After I while I noticed that platignum became -#1000 - a bug? 4DO 5 STOCK MARKET Quite a good game. stocks should have letters by them to make choosing easier Would be good to have a "loan" option whereby you could borrow from the "bank" at interest - ie. each turn the amount gets bigger. 2J3 5 STOCK MARKET Good Idea but it was only about 10 seconds before I was fiddling with a bit of a nightmare - the program itself! - A large number of GOTOs - I was going to chop this up into procedures but decided it was not worth it. Could do with a lot of tidying up presentation wise. ______________________________________________________________________ User Issue Program Comments I.D. No. Name ______________________________________________________________________ 14E 8 NEW CELS & S Definate Improvement, very playable now. I like the save game option. 8CT 8 NEW CELS & S Good game. It is as good as the origional and has new layout every time you play. (apart from after switch on). 0E7 8 NEW CELS & S Didn't notice much difference? 722 8 NEW CELS & S Great - you can now load and save to disc A better use of colour provides an improved display. If you input too long a disc file the it says "too long ..." and then "no such variable at line 2510". YJ2 8 NEW CELS & S Greatly improved from the origional. Though I arrived on level 6 on my first go, I didn't find it that easy. 31K 8 NEW CELS & S Some simple basic graphics would be much appreciated. 204 8 NEW CELS & S Well written but not very taxing. After playing for an hour I had 1000 hit points 95 spells and 800 gold pieces and killed 80 monsters and had been to level 7. ______________________________________________________________________ User Issue Program Comments I.D. No. Name ______________________________________________________________________ 14E 8 ENVELOPE PTR Very useful program - one I'm sure I will use.. One improvement - a chance to have a choice of more than one name and address. 4DO 8 ENVELOPE PTR I really liked this! - Except I think the variables such as envelope length should be entered at the beginning because you don't always use the same envelope. 6JE 8 ENVELOPE PTR Nice idea but don't see the point of it I'll carry on using Mini Office II 8CT 8 ENVELOPE PTR Very useful. It can also be used to print out disc labels or any other label (provided the label isn't already stuck to the disc of course!) Thanks for a simple but great utility. Y2J 8 ENVELOPE PTR Quite Good once I had got it set up for the right size. It would be nice if the address to be printed out was shown at the start and how about catering for different envelope sizes? YJ2 8 ENVELOPE PTR Excellent! - What A brilliant idea and so simple. Why hasn't someone thought of this before? 2J3 8 ENVELOPE PTR OK - Shows you how to set up the printer to suit yourself which can be quite difficult using some manuals that are around. Not a program I would use though. ______________________________________________________________________ User Issue Program Comments I.D. No. Name ______________________________________________________________________ 14E 8 KEYSTRIP Good program. It would be nice to be able DESIGNER to see the full keystrip on screen before printing. 6JE 8 KEYSTRIP DNR Easy to Use, but effective ..... 9/10 722 8 KEYSTRIP DNR This program is brilliant - it means no more copying out by hand. It also looks a lot smarter. One improvement would be to knock off the "f0" numbers on the sheet. Then you could put more onto the strip. *** A LOT OF COMMENTS ON THE KEYSTRIP DESIGNER PROGRAM WERE *** *** PUBLISHED IN THE ISSUE 8 DISC MAGAZINE (i think) *** ______________________________________________________________________ User Issue Program Comments I.D. No. Name ______________________________________________________________________ 6JE 8 FIGHTER COMND Good idea, great fun to play even if slow at times. Suggest introducing different levels ie. hard, meduim, easy with varying amounts of max. bombers in squad (40,60,80) to make it more difficult .... 8/1 8CT 8 FIGHTER COMND Looks good, but I just can't get the hang of the game. Good map and good layouts but I get lost as to what is happening. Only improvements would be to allow locations on screen when scrambling and to be able to call up a list of all locations of all aircraft. At present it requires a big sheet of paper next to the computer. 0E7 8 FIGHTER COMND Another one that has to be mapped out on paper to keep control of everything. No doubt a clever piece of programming but too complicated for me. 2GJ 8 FIGHTER COMND Great! I though it was going to be difficult with 3 screens to keep an eye on but practice made perfect. Wargames are my 'bag' anyway. YJ2 8 FIGHTER COMND This is an exceedingly good game, it had me hooked! What about distinctions between land and sea on the map? ______________________________________________________________________ User Issue Program Comments I.D. No. Name ______________________________________________________________________ 994 9 LOST YOUR Very amusing game. One that will keep me MARBLES going for a few hours. Good graphics, easy to play. Needs more colour. 1K1 9 LOST YR MBLS A nice loading screen and very addictive! The graphics were detailed enough but were only in one colour - Purple!? (Urgh!). Sound was good. Y2J 9 LOST YR MBLS Very good but I think mine has a bug in it or maybe it's meant to be like this.... I keep dying without doing anything. Good game - like to see more like it. 0E7 9 LOST YR MBLS Seems to be up to standard ie. can't get past the first screen which is par for the course for me. 722 9 LOST YR MBLS Great game, but you could do with more than one life as it is very easy to get killed. Any chance of a sequel? YJ2 9 LOST YR MBLS Great game with a humerous background. I seem to have encountered a problem with it as sometimes I can walk through walls!!! Following this the game crashes. 6EE 9 LOST YR MBLS Very good game - found it hard at first. Pity the instructions are displayed every time you lose your life. 6JE 9 LOST YR MBLS Good idea, great to play and not too simple or too difficult. Could do with a password level jump?? ______________________________________________________________________ User Issue Program Comments I.D. No. Name ______________________________________________________________________ 14E 9 TEST CARDS Good program, easy to use - an idea would be to invite users to send in quizzes to swap with other users. ANYONE LIKE TO OBLIGE??? - SEND 'EM IN! 74Q 9 TEST CARDS The idea behind test cards is excellent, but the author has used too many colours so it is very tiring to the eye. The music is driving me MAD! I think the the author should restrict himself to two or three colours on the screen at a time. 6JE 9 TEST CARDS EXCELLENT! - A great help with my GCSEs! YJ2 9 TEST CARDS This sounds like a great game but when I select EDIT CARDS or in fact any other option the program stops on my Master 128 and ">'s" start filling the screen. 722 9 TEST CARDS This is what I have been waiting for, it is a perfect tool for revising areas of diffi- cult work. My father has found it very useful for his theology classes. Y2J 9 TEST CARDS Good Stuff! - Obviously a lot of work put in here. Brought back memories of Frak! (Quit, Press <Break>, type PROCmusic). Did you pass the GCSEs or were you too busy writing this??? *** It has become clear from the programmers returns that TEST CARDS *** does not work on any master machine without modification - please *** see the MASTER COMPAIBILITY article in this months magazine. _______________________________________________________________________ OK - that's all you're getting this month - I have now published about a third of all programmers returns. Another wadge is on it's way next month. We should be right up to date in a few months time. I would like to publish more, but the disc space is being rapidly used up and it would not be fair to dedicate a PD disc to PR's - which it what it would take if I was to enter them all ...... Duncan.