8-Bit Software Online Conversion

    * I would like to think that this latest issue of the 8-bit software disc magazine is the best of them all. The reason for this is that we have allowed ourselves much more time to prepare and edit the features. Last time, poor Martin had only 5 days to get it all done and sent back, but he still did a great job! This time I had everything ready by 5th April, giving him 2 weeks to do it. I hope you have noticed the improvments made, and if you have ideas to make the magazine better, then send them in. I have attempted to empty the magazine "in" tray this month so if you have submitted an article, it should have *

    been published by now. The only article kept back is Ian Roxboroughs programming tutorial, which I forgot to include until it was too late. Any items submitted after 20th March should appear next month. I look forward to recieving your software and submissions in the future. Duncan Webster. * There may be a problem with the Issue 12 and 13 magazines (May+June 1991). Martin Watson, who spends many an hour putting the mags together, is about to suffer the dreaded school exams. It may be possible to get the magazines out, but exams must come first. I'm sure I can speak for everyone in wishing Martin

    all the success he deserves- Good Luck Martin.(You can stop blushing now.) * After a long and unacceptable delay, I have managed to start publishing the programmers return this month. Seeing as it is so long, I have spooled it into an ASCII text file. This file can easily be loaded into a word processor like Wordwise or View. If you load the file into Interword, you will have to extend the margin width (after loading) in order to display the text correctly. The file on the disc is T.ProgRet. I intend to publish a Programmers Return every month like this. I hope the programmers waiting for comments find this information useful, and let's hope*

    we will soon get updated versions of some of the old programs. * MASTER COMPATIBILITY * News is coming through that a few member s have recently purchased Master 128's, and are now experiencing problems when trying to run software due to the new features in these machines. I am totally naieve when it comes to Master 128's, so if anybody has a Beginners manual for the Master 128 that explains things clearly, please get in touch. It is also begining to dawn on me that not all 8-bit software will run on these machines. ALL should work faultlessly on Model B's. If you have a Master and have amended a program to make it work *

    properly, then send those amendments in a.s.a.p. and I will publish them as a matter of urgency. If you prefer, you can send me the amended programs on disc if the amendment is large. A big Thankyou goes to Chris Richardson who has already sent in some amendments that appear below. LOST YOUR MARBLES= Add a " ' " after the PRINT in Line 1110 to tidy up the screen BACKUP= Change Line 80 to MODE 128+7 to make it copy properly. TEST CARDS= Delete Line 30 to make it work.