8-Bit Software Online Conversion

        Would you believe it? The entire issue 10 magazine passed by without a mention of 8-bit's very own SYSTEMS programs! Jokes aside though, I did promise to keep members up-to-date with developments, and this is exactly what I intend to do. Any new members who joined after 10th March will not have the SYSTEMS programs, so for the benefit of those, the SYSTEMS Server is a disc file database and management system that stores details of your disc-based software on one single DFS or ADFS disc. Unlike previous programs of it's kind, the SYSTEMS Server has been Tailor-made with "file management" in mind. For example, details of all your programs are entered in the Server and stored on*

disc, so that when you wish to find a program, Server will search, locate and display the entered details, and then offer loading of the program through a loading gateway. ADFS users benefit most from it because it provides easy loading through the tangles of directories, thus making loading as easy as a normal DFS file. It provides an easy and trouble-free way of creating records, amending, making notes, altering directory paths, classifying filetypes etc. Should any newer member want more information, write to the usual address. Version 5 of the SYSTEMS server has now been piloted amongst approximately 12 members, and a few bugs have been identified which were mainly due to the program failing to load on Masters. Contrary to publication in Issues 7 and 8, it has been decided NOT to launch *

this version to all members, as it has not significantly improved enough to benefit the time and costs involved. A lot of lessons have been learnt from the pilot version, and most of these lessons were learnt from the detailed comments and suggestions recieved from members on both Version 4 and Version 5(pilot) programs. I would like to say a big Thank You at this point to Mr. Frederick Nevin from Crawcrook, Newcastle Upon Tyne. His detailed letters containing his findings when using the Server have provided a superb standing for the development of Version 6 software (details below). Thanks for your time, effort and determination which is much appreciated. After much time, I am please to say that Version 6 is almost ready. Unlike previous versions, it will be different*

in layout, and will be operated on a complete "front end" menu bar system. There will be little learning needed as the program itself will guide you through the various steps that need to be taken. ADFS users are paramount in this new version, with many more new features incorporated especially for ADFS users. If you thought previous versions of Server didn't quite meet your needs, hang on for Version 6 and you'll be pleasantly surprised. NOW HERE COMES THE REAL NEWS... I have been approached by a mail-order software company who has plans to sell this new version of SYSTEMS Server. Therefore, the program will NOT be Public Domain, and will instead be a commercial profit-making piece of software. The full piece of software will not be avaliable on any P.D. or Shareware Libraries. *

However, existing members of 8-bit who joined on or before Issue 4 will be entitled to a free complimentary copy of the program. All other members and non-members will be charged £5 per copy should they require one. More details will be made avaliable as I get them, but in the meantime I propose the launch date will be April/May 1991. A cut-down version will be made SHAREWARE so non-members can try before you buy. Watch this space for further developments.