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8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster 1991 Address: 7, Ashdale, Thringstone, Leicestershire LE6 4LW Issue 12 May 1991 ADVERTS, HELP WANTED User: 2GJ Roger Pashby Help: View Spellchecker Text: What is the max. size it can be on a 32k beeb? What figures would I need to put into the data statements to achieve this end (avoiding the CAN'T EXTEND MESSAGE) Why won't it correct wordwise files? User: 6JE Help: Software Text: Does anyone have a copy of an adventure creator they don't want or does anyone know of where I can get one? User: YJ2 Andrew Snodgrass Help: Watford Solderless SWR Text: Having problems with the Yorkshire boys Mixmania Discs. I have a Watford Electronics Solderless SWR board with two 32k CMOS RAM chips in 14H and 14L. I can load ROM images eg. Notepad and INFORMANT ROM which work ok, but with the YB samples, I get a bit of the sample, then the speakee just goes BEEEEEEEEEP for ages. Also the SWR Manager ROM does not recognise my free SWR but it is there to load in SWR images - I type *LOAD <file> 8000. The Star Wars animations also work ok - so what is going wrong with the Yorkshire Boys discs? User: 1K1 A Shakoor Help: Wanted Text: Please supply any ideas of programs you would like to see in 8-bit Software. Alternatively, please write in suggesting improvements on TEST CARDS, LIVERPOOL MANAGER, SHARES ACCOUNTANT and RS232 - programmer standing idle and wishes to get on with something. User: 7GE Matthew Price Help: Wanted Text: Wanted, a copy of OMEGA ORB on disc for BBC Micro - will swap for W.A.R. (on disc) or Pipeline (tape). Walted - Southern Bell or Evening Star for BBC disc only - will swap for Star Wars (tape) FOR SALE - Disc A (BBC B) of Play it again Sam 14 which contains Predator and Ballistix - 40/80t compatible - #4.00 or will swap for Bonecruncher or Firetrack (disc only). I think there is a bug in Liverpool Manager ... If you change a player in your team with number 13, his energy and skill become 10 each. However this is slightly random. I also occasionally get the bug "channell at line ..." - Help?! User: 442 Help: Day, Date, Month Text: Does any member know how to get the computer to recognise and work out the maths of YEARS, DAYS, MONTHS etc. Please write in to Duncan A.S.A.P. User: YR2 Help: Nevryon Cheat Text: Does anyone want a Nevryon Cheat? If so then send 1 pound plus a blank disc to ....... A S H Dowler 8 Tavern Lane Shottery Stratford Upon Avon Warwickshire CV37 9HE. User: 74Q Help: Inca Treasure Text: Cannot get anywhere - will C J Richardson at least gove us some hints and tips - abd perhaps some keywords would be helpful. User: 994 Help: Animated Digitised Pictures Text: does anyone know how to produce animated digitised pictures and what software/hardware is needed?