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8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster 1991 Address: 7, Ashdale, Thringstone, Leicestershire LE6 4LW Issue 12 May 1991 MEMBERS ARTICLES User: 709 H S Williams Basic to SWR Image converter BASDUMP From the author of Urban War (issue 7), we have a new utility this time from Hugh Williams. It is a ROM IMAGE which you should load into Sideways RAM (filename = R.BASDUMP). Full instructions are provided below. Please make an extra special effort to review this program fully if you have the necessary SWR facilities on your beeb. BASDUMP is for your own use ONLY, and should not be re-copied or re-submitted to any other organisation without the express permission of the author. I'm sure you will find this utility useful, informative, helpful, origional, and probably full of errors (oops - sorry Hugh - only kidding!!). The BASDUMP utility was inspired by a short article in the 8-bit section of the BAU magazine. Basically, it saves a single basic program to SWR. Starting at PAGE and dumping (TOP-PAGE)+1 pages of memory to sideways RAM. The listing in the magazine was for the Master/Compact and bears next to no resemblence to the assembley cose that I have written. To install BASDUMP - you should load the filename R.BASDUMP on the issue 12 disc into your computers Sideways RAM banks. The commands for using BASDUMP are as follows ... *RS - Save BASIC program to SWR *RL - Restore BASIC program to normal memory and restore PAGE to the value when *RS command was used. *RC - Clears SWR socket - leaves code intact of course but clears memory locations &8200 - &B000 MESSAGES issued by BASDUMP ... SWR Bank Cleared Issued after successful *RS Upload OK Issued after successful *RC Download OK Issued after successful *RL ERRORS issued by BASDUMP ... Program Too Big! Unsuccessful *RS Command Top Lower than Page Unsuccessful *RS Command No Program in Memory Unsuccessful *RL Command NOTES to bear in mind ... *RC is always successful assuming that the SWR bank in question has not been write protected. After A *HELP the ROM will tell you if there is a program already saved in SWR. The program will not warn you or stop you if you *RS whilst there is a program already saved, it will just overwrite the old program. The program and code in SWR will stay there even during power-off if your SWR is battery backed up (obvious really) Workspace = &70-&75 &8000-&8002 If any member makes use of this program, then please write in and let me know what you think, plus the improvements you think could be made. Any problems encountered when using the program, please report to 8-bit Software marking your envelope BASDUMP QUERY. I hope in the meantime that you find BASDUMP useful.