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8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster 1991 Address: 7, Ashdale, Thringstone, Leicestershire LE6 4LW Issue 12 May 1991 INTRODUCTION: Due to circumstances beyond our control, the magazine format and presentation has had to be altered this month. Members may already know that Martin Watson, who usually prepares the magazine, has had to give up his position due to examinations pending. I hope that this new magazine format meets with your approval. A big thank you from me to all members who have answered by plea in the issue 11 magazine for more software. Since the publication of issue 11 I have had a nice increase in the volume of software submissions from members, thus the issue 12 PD disc comprises mainly of programs written and submitted by 8-bit Software members - which is what it should be. Please keep YOUR software flowing in, as I do not like to put other PD libraries software on 8-bit Software issue discs just to "fill up disc space". However, if you have obtained a program from another library or source that you think is good, then please by all means sent it in for publication as it may be of interest to members who do not already have the program in question. The golden rule to remember is ... I will accept any PD software for inclusion in 8-bit Software with eternal thanks, but software written by 8-bit Software members always takes priority. Thanks for your support and please don't stop. Seeing as 8-bit Software's details have been published in the Micro User again this month, I feel it is safe to say that a lot of new members will be reading this magazine for the first time. I would just like to take this opportunity (if you are a new member) to welcome you all to 8-bit software, and I hope that you will get as much out of this user group as existing members have in the past. If you are a new member, then I invite you all now to send in your software and/or articles/questions/hints/reviews etc. All submissions are GUARANTEED to appear in the next available mag or issue disc. I hope that you, as a new member will help continue to provide 8-bit Software with the fantastic support already provided by existing members. *** IMPORTANT *** 8-bit Software takes it's annual 2 week holiday in June (June 01-June 14). Therefore there will be approximately a 6 week break between this issue and issue 13. Please keep up the correspondence however, and I will do my upmost to respond to all letters as soon as possible. Thanks to all the members who turned up at the Computer Shopper show on Friday 10 May. Unfortunately the show was no good as it featured mainly PC's, and was not nearly as good as the Christmas one last year. However, we all had a good time meeting each other and I would like to thank everybody who was there for turning up. The next meet will be the Acorn User Show sometime in the summer. The exact day and time will be announced in due course. Duncan Webster.