8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster 1991 7 Ashdale, Thringstone, Leics, LE6 4LW Issue 12 May 1991 ON THIS MONTHS PD DISC Stacks of software for you this month, and again I thank all members most sincerely for answering my pleas for programs. I am very pleased to be able to say that a large proportion of this months disc contains software written by members of this group. Listed below are all the programs available, and any special instructions needed. So you can see how many programs have been written by 8-bit members, I have placed a star (*) next to the programs which are the result of members' own work. Chuckie Egg Screens Another set of screens for chuckie egg would you beleive. I have no idea whether they work, as I do not have a copy of chuckie egg, but the front end of the program does appear to be ok. Lost Your Marbles Fix* Avid players of Andy Nibbs' Lost Your Marbles game (issue 9) will be aware of a bug in the program. Select this option, insert your ISSUE 9 disc when prompted to, and the bug will be fixed for you. Andy Nibbs' TECH TIPS* From our technical editor, a few pointers on the more technical aspects of the BBC Micro and accessories all well presented in an on screen format. Hopefully there will be more information of this standard on future issues Repton 3 Screens* Two more screen sets to battle through. 3D Spinning Ball Very impressive Music and animation for a BBC Model B Complete Address Book* From A S Shakoor - keeps comprehensive records of all names and addresses etc. A Very Useful Program. Prommer ROM Utility Converts BASIC programs to ROM. I am unsure of how this program exactly works, as it was submitted from another PD library. ROT5 Graphics* Very Simple Graphics, but effective. Upon completion if you stare at the screen long enough you tend to get this "depth" effect --- or something? RS232 Utility* Very useful for communications peripherals. Another good program by A S Shakoor, which was origionally designed to send data to a printer through the RS232 port. Shares Accountant* The best program yet from A S Shakoor. Enables you to keep a track of all your share investment portfolio. I was going to write a shares program as part of the SYSTEMS series, but I think that this will now no longer be necessary. Sunrise/Sunset* Calculates the sunrise and sunset times of any given point on the globe. Written and submitted by an 8-bit member. Devils Island* Written by another 8-bit P.D. member (G Davies) using an adventure creator. Should anyone else wish to submit programs created on adventure creators, then please do not hesitate to send them in. BASDUMP Utility* From the author of Urban War and 8-bit Member Hugh Williams comes this useful utility. Works in a simalar way to PROMMER, but is itself ROM based which makes the utility that much easier to use. For full information, see seperate article in this magazine. ROM based LIFE prog.* Yet again another program from G Davies. Everyone has heard of the program of LIFE, but you don't see many on ROM. Load this into your sideways RAM or SHADOW memory and enter *LIFE to start. Arc & XArc Utility These are 2 ROM images which should be loaded into your computers SHADOW or SWR memory. The first program ARC will Archive selected programs under one filename. The latter program will de-archive and ARCed file. Just load the relevent ROM image, and enter *ARC or *XARC then follow the instructions on the screen. Bananas Level Game A ladders and levels game - simple but addictive Space Pods Game* From John Henson, who used to be an 8-bit Member but sold his beeb. A pity really, because he has turned out some smashing software in the past. Agog Ago Title Screen This is the title sequence for another disc based magazine available from the address contained in the Persian Carpet program (below). Quite an impressive graphical demonstration. Persian Carpets Basically draws pretty patterns, but if you stare at the screen long enough you can get a feeling of depth through the screen??? Address for Ago Agog magazine is contained at the end of the graphical sequences. Thats about your lot for this month. I hope that the programs work (they have all been tested on a model B unless otherwise stated) and that you enjoy this months offerings. Please don't stop sending in your own work - I have a few of 8-bit members programs to issue next month, but ideally I would like a lot more. Keep up the fantastic support. Duncan Webster.