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8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster 1991 7 Ashdale, Thringstone, Leics, LE6 4LW Issue 12 May 1991 PROGRAMMERS RETURN - Number 5 As promised, here is another batch of programmers returns. I have decided that, after this issue, I will no longer publish any returns referring to issue 9 or before. See end of this report if you would like copies of the origional manuscripts of past or present returns. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: View Spellcheck Issue: 9 User YJ2: This is a tremendously useful utility which I now use every time I use View. What about a version for use with INTERWORD or MINI OFFICE? User 8CT: A very professional spelling checker. It is better than some of the commercial ones I have seen. It is easy to use and contains all the options you would ever need. It is well documented as well as coming complete with a large dictionary. I already have SPELLMASTER but I am very impressed with this one, and I will be using your spellchecker as I found it easier to use. User 735: As I have view, I will try this soon, but other WP users might be interested to know that you can save your file as an ASCII TEXT file (using your wp's SPOOL TEXT option) and then this View Spellchecker will work, as view files are just saved as plain ASCII. User 6EE: I used this for some time and found it very good, until the following problem was encountered. After several hundred words were ADDED to the dictionary, it became corrupted and you had to start all over again. This happened several times so I stopped using it - the author was informed but I have not heard whether the problem has been resolved. User 74Q: The Spellchecker is excellent. I am using it with interword (it works after you have got rid of all the style codes), but it apperas to cut the first letter off the first word of each line. I am reasonable in BASIC and have looked at the coding that deals with this area of the program. User 14E: I tried this with a WORDWISE text file and it appered to work OK, although it is a bit slow when adding words to the dictionary. User Y2J: Good, but very slow. Could you read the dictionary into SWR or between &5000 and &7B00 to speed it up? Also the text file has to be on the same surface as the dictionary otherwise the program will crash. Couldn't you have an INSERT DICTIONARY prompt or some other way to get round this? User 90E: Very Nice, cheap and FREE, and easy to use. I have had it for months, and it seems not to like my beeb anymore. I think the dictionary is too large - over 3000 words. --------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: Test Cards Issue: 9 User 8CT: Haven't used it but it sounds very useful. I will probably use it for revision before my C and G exam later this year. I have past papers that I can put on the program so it may help. User 4RR: A very good Idea, but to me the workings were too complicated - with trying to remember the extra * calls. Error trapping isn't very good and protection of the listing just wouldn't allow any further investigation. Basically a very sound idea, but if one should press the wrong keys, there should be an easier way of returning to a menu rather than having to "break out". User 72B: Another program that did not work for me. This may be due to the fact that I have the new master OS ROM fitted. Any attempt to make up a card is frustrating because the screen continually scrolls. Program seems to hang up at line 690. I am also unable to get rid of the loud noise at the intro - pressing Z or X has no effect. User 709: Not enough instructions, but what about the CAPTAIN PUGWASH tune - BRILLIANT. My first reaction was to chop up the BASIC program (with the help of VDUcodes Killer) and just set the tune on an endless loop. User 4DO: Good for testing for a duff monitor or for getting the contrast just right (which is what I used it for). ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: Lost Your Marbles Issue: 9 User 8CT: At first this was splendid, I got to screen 2 then screen 3 but I couldn't get past screen 3. I think the game ranks higher than some of the games the Micro user publishes, the only problem is that the screens past number 2 are too difficult. User 4RR: Quite right, this is a good game and beats many of the professional software houses. Based on one of my very first games, MARS LANDER, this program has "one more go at playability". Mind you it needs to as you only have one life. Strategic planning and change of the gravity level ensured professionalism through the numerous different screens. However I am still to reach them all. Andy Nibbs has produced some good work and this is no exception. User 709: Good, I like the hi-res single colour games with good graphics. A bit hard as the gravity seemed a little intermittant. This is the stuff that PD is all about. User 90E: Don't like it - bad colour and bad gameplay. Nice idea however. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: Crazy Balls Issue: 10 User 994: This is probably the best game I have ever seen for the BBC. Needs smoother animation of the characters as they tend to go transparant. What is the point of the game - can I have some background information ie. the story behind it? How do you complete level 11? How about a cheat for the game? ie. passwords & level jump. User 1K1: This has to be one of the best PD games going. The graphics are awesome and although the sound wasn't brilliant, overall the game was fantastic. Sound 6/10 Graphics 9/10 Playability 8/10 Addictiveness 10/10 Overall 10/10 User 0E7: Very well named, and if I were ever to complete it I will be crazy. Short and Sharp, just the right mixture for a game. User Y2J: Good game, but the graphics need working on. The things that kill you are not obvious as I would have hoped and the start to level 2 is unconventional. Really just a life waster unless you have played it a few times. User 722: What a brilliant game. I like the option to continue after you are dead. User 6EE: Excellent game so far. I liked how you could view the screens at the start of the game. User 8CT: This looked like a great game, it took a bit to figure what killed you and what you needed to collect, I just got past the first screen and then I died on the next screen. I figured out what was happening here and what I needed to do, but it was too difficult and I soon gave up when I saw the third screen a couple of times. The idea of the game is very good, but it seemed a little too difficult to jump at the right time and it became a little bit boring. The graphics were pretty good as well and I think the option to carry on from where you left off was useful. User YR2: Brilliant effort, fun and addictive. The continue option is a great help to check out later screens - 10/10 User 2GJ: Not bad at all for a FREEBIE. It certainly IS magazine standard - beautiful front end screens too. User 4RR: Another fine game from "swig". I was disappointed over the lack of sound which only manifested as I lost a life. Equally I missed not having some form of instructions actually within the game. However on the plus side the graphics were very good, simple keys and I did like the idea of being able to start back at the latest screen. There's nothing worse than having to re-trace one's steps over previously conquered ground. Good game - pity about the sound. User 6JE: Good quality game. The graphics are excellent. The levels are well structured and planned but some are very difficult to complete. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: Liverpool Manager Issue: 10 User 6JE: Average game, no room error kept occurring whilst I was playing several times. User 72B: Although I am not interested in games, I thought this one had the makings of an interesting one! It needs some sort of graphics while the matches are being played; considerably more logic in the match results (the theoretically better and stronger team usually seemed to lose!); a league table, and some expanation why the manager got the sack (I usually get the push after losing 8 games in a season ... sob) User 2GJ: Frustrating! This is bugged - make sure you have one gap in the subs, and then keep swapping players, ie. 13 and 1, 13 and 2, 13 and 3 etc. You will get ALL players fully fit. BUT can't get beyond game 30 - I go from 2 million+ in the bank to 3 million - overnight! User YR2: I found the Superior Soccer management game fun, and this is probably better. It would be nice if you were able to choose your team though. User Y2J: Very good idea and written well too. This is the first text only game I have really enjoyed - how about spending more time on a startup screen and just saving it as a screen - eg. *SAVE <filename> 3000 8000. Can you include an option to see the league table? Very good game. User 994: Great fun. Can spend hours playing this. I do have a commercial version like this but non working so this was a great surprise. My brother doesn't like it - he hates Liverpool - how about a Man United Manager? User YJ2: This is the best Football Manager game I have played in ages. Just one problem, when I save a game to disc and then load it, then try saving it again, the file is LOCKED and the program stops. How about a fix for that? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: <game cheats> Issue: 10 User: Y2J (Citadel Cheat) Have you got a cheat for the Play it again sam issue of Citadel? User: 722 (Gisburns Castle) It works, but I don't play GC anyway User: 14E (Gisburns Castle) Good cheat - worked perfectly. User: 4RR (Gisburns Castle) This is the first time I have seen a cheat mode for this game and it is very well presented. It has rejuvernated my interest in the game which had been stored away due to lack of interest. The cheat provides the chance to progress further into the adventure, which is what the origional writer of GC wanted. It doesn't give all the answers - that's still left to the player - but does bring together all the "ingredients" for further progression. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The programmers return is now up to date. If you would like photocopies of the origional scripts (past or present), then please send return postage and packing plus the sum of 1.00 to cover photocopying costs (there are quite a few sheets). Not all of the comments has been published by any means, but the comments that HAVE been published cover most opinions. Please send a LARGE SAE and 40p postage should you send off for the manuscripts - mark your envelopes MENUSCRIPT ORDER. Priority in publishing members comments has been given to the people who keep in contact with myself on a regular basis. If you have submitted a program that you wrote yourself, and would like the manuscripts, then please write in (authors are exempt from the 1.00 charge, but must still provide the P and P.).