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8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster 1991 Address: 7, Ashdale, Thringstone, Leicestershire LE6 4LW Issue 12 May 1991 MEMBERS RESPONSE POOL This section will contain all the RESPONSES received by 8-bit software to members articles, adverts, hints and general news. Be sure to check this section for responses to your advertisememts etc .... User : 105 Duncan Webster Message to : ALL Subject : UIM Game Text : UIM has now been sold. No further enquiries please. User : 14E M Dawson Message to : 6JE M Smith Subject : Astronomical Programs Text : I have a program called Sky Baby which plots stars, planets etc. and draws a star map on screen showing star/planet positions. It is NOT a PD program, but as I do not use it I would be willing to swap etc. Address and Phone No. available from 8-bit Software. User : 14E Message to : 238 Subject : ADFS Backup to SWR Text : You can get the ADFS backup program onto SWR by using the PD program PROMMER (on this months disc). You can put up to 16k of utilities onto each SWR image. User : 1K1 A Shakoor Message to : 722 A Black Subject : Spy Hunter Text : I have a TAPE copy of US Gold SPY HUNTER for the BBC B - excellent condition - 5 pounds. User : 7GE Message to : 2J3 C Richardson Subject : For Sale? Text : I noticed in the issue 9 disc mag that 2J3 had some software for sale. If they are still available then please send me details of prices for the following games of his ... Lord of the Rings Graphic Adventure Creator Spy Vs Spy Alien 8. User : YR2 Message to : 722 A Black Subject : Sound Sampling Text : Back in issue 8, you were asking how sound samples were made on the BBC. I haven't heard of a Beeb sampler, but I know that most samples are done on an AMIGA or ATARI ST, and ported across via an Archimedes to a beeb which brings the cost to about 950 pounds minimum. User : YR2 Message to : 745 Subject : Ideas for Demos Text : How about a Turtles Demo. You could have a picture of the turtles with the music playing at the background. You could also throw in an animation or two ...? User : YR2 Message to : ??? Subject : DFS-ADFS Text : In Issue 9 someone was asking for a DFS-ADFS copier for the master. Well there is one on the Master Welcome Disc which can be accessed from the SHIFT BREAK menu. Select ADFS utilities and the copier is called copyfiles.