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Envelope Creator - Listing

10ON ERROR PROCmenu 20*KEY 0 0|M100|M20|M 30*KEY 1 1|M100|M20|M 40A=1 50N=1 60GOTO120 70PRINT" Preset 1 or 2?Key 1 or 2" 80A$=GET$ 90IFA$="1"THEN PROCpreset 100IFA$="2"THEN PROCpreset2 110GOTO80 120MODE7 130 VDU141,129,157:PRINT" Resolve Envelope Editor" 140 VDU141,132,157:PRINT" Resolve Envelope Editor" 150PRINT"  ££££££££££" 160VDU28,0,24,39,3 170PROCmenu 180DEF PROCmenu 190CLS 200PRINT'" Written by John Carpenter < C> 1989" 210PRINT" ESCAPE returns to this menu" 220PRINT' 230VDU141,157:PRINT" <1> Construct Env elope "; 240VDU156:PRINT 250VDU141,157:PRINT" (1> Construct Env elope "; 260VDU156:PRINT 270VDU141,157:PRINT" <2> Play Envelope "; 280VDU156:PRINT 290VDU141,157:PRINT" <2> Play Envelope "; 300VDU156:PRINT 310VDU141,157:PRINT" <3> Preset Envelo pes "; 320VDU156:PRINT 330VDU141,157:PRINT" <3> Preset Envelo pes "; 340VDU156:PRINT 350VDU141,157:PRINT" <4> More preset e nvelopes "; 360VDU156:PRINT 370VDU141,157:PRINT" <4> More preset e nvelopes "; 380VDU156:PRINT 390PRINT'''" Select number:"; 400IFA=1THEN GOTO70 410A$=GET$ 420IFA$="2"THEN PROCplay 430IFA$="1"THEN PROCmake 440IFA$="3"THEN PROCpreset 450IFA$="4"THEN PROCpreset2 460PROCmenu 470ENDPROC 480DEF PROCpreset 490PRINT 500PRINT" Press number next to envelop e" 510PRINT" <1>ENVELOPE 1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0, 2,0,-10,"'" -5,120,0" 520PRINT" <2>ENVELOPE 1,3,0,0,0,0,0,0, 121,-10,"'" -5,-2,120,120" 530PRINT" <3>ENVELOPE 1,7,2,1,1,1,1,1, 121,-10,"'" -5,-2,120,120" 540PRINT" <4>ENVELOPE 1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0, 61,0,-10,"'" -120,120,0" 550PRINT" <5>ENVELOPE 1,8,1,-1,1,1,1,1 ,121,-10,"'" -5,-2,120,120" 560PRINT" <6>ENVELOPE 1,8,-1,1,-1,2,2, 2,107,"'" -10,-5,-2,120,120" 570PRINT" <7>ENVELOPE 1,0,0,1,-1,2,2,2 ,2,3,-10,"'" 24,110,120" 580PRINT" <8>ENVELOPE 1,0,-128,127,19, 35,68,"'" 200,2,3,-10,24,110,120" 590PRINT" <9>ENVELOPE 1,4,1,-1,1,1,2,1 ,100,-1,"'" -2,-3,110,40" 600PRINT" <0>ENVELOPE 1,4,4,1,-1,1,1,2 ,1,127,0,"'" -2,-2,110,100" 610PRINT" Select:"; 620A$=GET$ 630A=2 640IFA$="1"THEN PROCone 650IFA$="2"THEN PROCtwo 660IFA$="3"THEN PROCthree 670IFA$="4"THEN PROCfour 680IFA$="5"THEN PROCfive 690IFA$="6"THEN PROCsix 700IFA$="7"THEN PROCseven 710IFA$="8"THEN PROCeight 720IFA$="9"THEN PROCnine 730IFA$="0"THEN PROCten 740GOTO620 750ENDPROC 760DEF PROCone 770T=1:PI1=0:PI2=0:PI3=0:PN1=0:PN2=0:P N3=0:AA=2:AD=0:AS=-10:AR=-5:ALA=120:ALD= 0 780PROCmenu 790ENDPROC 800DEF PROCtwo 810T=3:PI1=0:PI2=0:PI3=0:PN1=0:PN2=0:P N3=0:AA=121:AD=-10:AS=-5:AR=-2:ALA=120:A LD=120 820PROCmenu 830ENDPROC 840DEF PROCthree 850T=7:PI1=2:PI2=1:PI3=1:PN1=1:PN2=1:P N3=1:AA=121:AD=-10:AS=-5:AR=-2:ALA=120:A LD=120 860PROCmenu 870ENDPROC 880 DEF PROCfour 890T=1:PI1=0:PI2=0:PI3=0:PN1=0:PN2=0:P N3=0:AA=61:AD=0:AS=-10:AR=-120:ALA=120:A LD=0 900PROCmenu 910ENDPROC 920DEF PROCfive 930T=8:PI1=1:PI2=-1:PI3=1:PN1=1:PN2=1: PN3=1:AA=121:AD=-10:AS=-5:AR=-2:ALA=120: ALD=120 940PROCmenu 950ENDPROC 960DEF PROCsix 970T=8:PI1=-1:PI2=1:PI3=-1:PN1=2:PN2=2 :PN3=2:AA=107:AD=-10:AS=-5:AR=-2:ALA=120 :ALD=120 980PROCmenu 990ENDPROC 1000DEF PROCseven 1010T=0:PI1=0:PI2=1:PI3=-1:PN1=2:PN2=2: PN3=2:AA=2:AD=3:AS=-10:AR=24:ALA=110:ALD =120 1020PROCmenu 1030ENDPROC 1040DEF PROCeight 1050T=0:PI1=-128:PI2=127:PI3=19:PN1=35: PN2=68:PN3=200:AA=2:AD=3:AS=-10:AR=24:AL A=110:ALD=120 1060PROCmenu 1070ENDPROC 1080DEF PROCnine 1090T=4:PI11:PI2=-1:PI3=1:PN1=1:PN2=2:P N3=1:AA=100:AD=-1:AS=-2:AR=-3:ALA=110:AL D=40 1100PROCmenu 1110ENDPROC 1120DEF PROCten 1130T=4:PI1=1:PI2=-1:PI3=1:PN1=1:PN2=2: PN3=1:AA=127:AD=0:AS=-2:AR=-2:ALA=110:AL D=100 1140PROCmenu 1150ENDPROC 1160DEF PROCmenu 1170ENDPROC 1180DEF PROCplay 1190PRINT'' 1200PRINT"ENVELOPE 1,";T;",";PI1;",";PI 2;",";PI3;",";PN1;",";PN2;",";PN3;",";AA ;",";AD;"," 1210PRINTAS;",";AR;",";ALA;",";ALD 1220ENVELOPE 1,T,PI1,PI2,PI3,PN1,PN2,PN 3,AA,AD,AS,AR,ALA,ALD 1230 PRINT" Press F0 for standard sound effect" 1240 PRINT" Press F1 for standard note( s)" 1250PRINT'" Sound channel"; 1260INPUTB 1270IFB<>1 AND B<>2 AND B<>3 AND B<>0 T HEN GOTO 1250 1280PRINT'" Pitch(0-255)"; 1290INPUTC 1300 IFC>255 OR C<0 THEN GOTO1280 1310PRINT'" Length(0-255)"; 1320INPUTD 1330IFD>255 OR D<0 THEN GOTO1310 1340SOUNDB,1,C,D 1350PRINT" Again?"; 1360A$=GET$ 1370IFA$="Y"THEN PRINT'" There may be a short wait..."' 1380IFA$="Y"THEN GOTO1340 1390IFA$="N"THEN PROCmenu ELSE 1360 1400ENDPROC 1410DEF PROCmake 1420PRINT'" Press number to change" 1430PRINT " (ESCAPE for menu)" 1440PRINT'" <1>T.....";T 1450 PRINT" <2>PI1...";PI1 1460PRINT" <3>PI2...";PI2 1470PRINT" <4>PI3...";PI3 1480PRINT" <5>PN1...";PN1 1490PRINT" <6>PN2...";PN2 1500PRINT" <7>PN3...";PN3 1510PRINT" <8>AA....";AA 1520PRINT" <9>AD....";AD 1530 PRINT" <0>AS....";AS 1540PRINT" <A>AR....";AR 1550PRINT" <B>ALA...";ALA 1560PRINT" <C>ALD...";ALD 1570A$=GET$ 1580IFA$="1"THEN PROCT 1590IFA$="2"THEN PROCPI1 1600IFA$="3"THEN PROCPI2 1610IFA$="4"THEN PROCPI3 1620IFA$="5"THEN PROCPN1 1630IFA$="6"THEN PROCPN2 1640IFA$="7"THEN PROCPN3 1650IFA$="8"THEN PROCAA 1660IFA$="9"THEN PROCAD 1670IFA$="0"THEN PROCAS 1680IFA$="A"THEN PROCAR 1690IFA$="B"THEN PROCALA 1700IFA$="C"THEN PROCALD 1710GOTO1570 1720ENDPROC 1730DEF PROCT 1740PRINT" Input length step in 100ths of a "'" second(0 to 127)"; 1750INPUTT 1760IFT<0 OR T>127 THEN GOTO1740 1770PROCmake 1780ENDPROC 1790DEF PROCPI1 1800PRINT" Input change of pitch per st ep in"'" section 1(-128 to 127)"; 1810INPUTPI1 1820IFPI1<-128 OR PI1>127 THEN GOTO 180 0 1830PROCmake 1840ENDPROC 1850DEF PROCPI2 1860PRINT" Input change of pitch per st ep in "'" section 2(-128 to 127)"; 1870INPUTPI2 1880IFPI2<-128 OR PI2>127 THEN GOTO1860 1890PROCmake 1900ENDPROC 1910DEF PROCPI3 1920PRINT" Input change of pitch per st ep in "'" section 3(-128 to 127)"; 1930INPUTPI3 1940IFPI3<-128 OR PI3>127 THEN GOTO1920 1950PROCmake 1960ENDPROC 1970DEF PROCPN1 1980PRINT" Input number of steps in sec tion 1"'" (0 to 255)"; 1990INPUTPN1 2000IFPN1<0 OR PN1>255 THEN GOTO1990 2010PROCmake 2020ENDPROC 2030DEF PROCPN2 2040PRINT" Input number of steps in sec tion 2"'" (0 to 255)"; 2050INPUTPN2 2060IFPN2<0 OR PN2>255 THEN GOTO2040 2070PROCmake 2080ENDPROC 2090DEF PROCPN3 2100PRINT" Input number of steps in sec tion 3"'" (0 to 255)"; 2110INPUTPN3 2120IFPN3<0 OR PN3>255 THEN GOTO2100 2130PROCmake 2140ENDPROC 2150DEF PROCAA 2160PRINT" Input change of amplitude(lo udness)"'" per step during the attack ph ase"'" (-127 to 127)"; 2170INPUTAA 2180IFAA<-127 OR A>127 THEN GOTO2160 2190PROCmake 2200ENDPROC 2210DEF PROCAD 2220PRINT" Input change of amplitude(lo udness)"'" per step during the decay pha se"'" (-127 to 127)"; 2230INPUTAD 2240IFAD<-127 OR AD>127 THEN GOTO2220 2250PROCmake 2260ENDPROC 2270DEF PROCAS 2280PRINT" Input change of amplitude(lo udness)"'" per step during the sustain p hase"'" (-127 to 127)"; 2290INPUTAS 2300IFAS<-127 OR AS>127 THEN GOTO 2280 2310PROCmake 2320ENDPROC 2330DEF PROCAR 2340PRINT" Input change of amplitude(lo udness)"'" per step during the release p hase"'" (-127 to 127)"; 2350INPUTAR 2360IFAR<-127 OR AR>127 THEN GOTO2340 2370PROCmake 2380ENDPROC 2390DEF PROCALA 2400PRINT" Input target of level at end of "'" attack phase(0 to 126)"; 2410INPUTALA 2420IF ALA<0 OR ALA>126 THEN 2410 2430PROCmake 2440ENDPROC 2450DEF PROCALD 2460PRINT" Input target of level at end of decay"'" phase(0 to 126)"; 2470INPUTALD 2480IF ALD<0 OR ALD>126 THEN 2410 2490PROCmake 2500ENDPROC 2510DEF PROCpreset2 2520PRINT'" Press number beside envelop e" 2530PRINT" <1>ENVELOPE 2,0,0,0,0,0,0,12 6,-10,"'" -60,-5,126,0" 2540PRINT" <2>ENVELOPE 2,1,-1,0,1,1,0,1 27,-1,-3,"'" -5,90,0" 2550PRINT" <3>ENVELOPE 1,30,1,50,-50,5, 2,2,119,"'" 120,-2,110,120,126" 2560PRINT" <4>ENVELOPE 1,3,1,1,1,5,2,2, 119,-1,5,"'" 110,120,120" 2570PRINT" <5>ENVELOPE 1,30,1,1,1,5,2,2 ,119,-1,"'" 5,110,120,120" 2580PRINT" <6>ENVELOPE 1,0,0,1,1,1,1,1, 121,-10,"'" 0,-2,120,120" 2590A$=GET$ 2600A=2 2610IFA$="1"THEN PROC1 2620IFA$="2"THEN PROC2 2630IFA$="3"THEN PROC3 2640IFA$="4"THEN PROC4 2650IFA$="5"THEN PROC5 2660IFA$="6"THEN PROC6 2670GOTO2590 2680ENDPROC 2690DEF PROC1 2700T=2:PI1=0:PI2=0:PI3=0:PN1=0:PN2=0:P N3=0:AA=126:AD=-10:AS=-60:AR=-5:ALA=126: ALD=0 2710PROCmenu 2720ENDPROC 2730DEF PROC2 2740T=2:PI1=1:PI2=-1:PI3=0:PN1=1:PN2=1: PN3=0:AA=127:AD=-1:AS=-3:AR=-4:ALA=105:A LD=0 2750PROCmenu 2760 ENDPROC 2770DEF PROC3 2780T=30:PI1=1:PI2=50:PI3=-50:PN1=5:PN2 =2:PN3=2:AA=119:AD=120:AS=-2:AR=110:ALA= 120:ALD=126 2790PROCmenu 2800ENDPROC 2810DEF PROC4 2820T=3:PI1=1:PI2=1:PI3=1:PN1=5:PN2=2:P N3=2:AA=119:AD=-1:AS=5:AR=110:ALA=120:AL D=126 2830PROCmenu 2840ENDPROC 2850DEF PROC5 2860T=30:PI1=1:PI2=1:PI3=1:PN1=5:PN2=2: PN3=2:AA=119:AD=-1:AS=5:AR=110:ALA=120:A LD=126 2870PROCmenu 2880ENDPROC 2890DEF PROC6 2900T=0:PI1=0:PI2=1:PI3=1:PN1=1:PN2=1:P N3=1:AA=121:AD=-10:AS=0:AR=-2:ALA=120:AL D=120 2910PROCmenu 2920ENDPROC 2930 *|" E n v e l o p e Constructor 2940 *|" and Player 2950 *|" (C)opyright 1988 by 2960 *|" John Carpenter 2970 *|" 2980 *|" Not very well written,but 2990 *|" it serves its purpose. 3000 *|" 3010 *|" There are loads better 3020 *|" downloads than this on 3030 *|" Resolve Communications 3040 *|" (0582) 832653 3050 *|" 24 hours every day 3060 *|" Viewdata & Colour Terminal 3070 *|" 1200/75,75/1200,300/300