8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software Disc Magazine Issue 13 - June 1991 (c) Duncan Webster 1991 (all rights reserved) ADVERTS User: 90E Second Hand Disc Software for Sale:- Cost WAR by Martech- Vertical Shoot 'em Up 3.50 TARZEN by Martech- Arcade Combat adventure 3.00 SUPERIOR SOCCER by Superior Software 5.00 BY FAIR MEANS OR FOUL by Superior Software 4.00 PIPELINE by Superior Software- Arcade Adventure 3.50 CAROUSEL by Acornsoft- Fairground shoot the ducks 4.00 STEVE DAVIES SNOOKER by Blue Ribbon 40T only 3.00 BALLISTIX by Superior Software 5.00 ARCADE SOCCER by 4th Dimension 5.00 COMPUTER HITS 2 by Beau Jolly 40T only 2 discs 5.00 PLAY IT AGAIN SAMN 13 by Superior Software 2 discs 7.00 HOLED OUT by 4th Dimension 5.00 CLASSIC GAMES COMPENDIUM by Micro User 4 x 80T discs 7.00 4 ASSORTED DISC USER DISCS 40T only 2.50 MINI OFFICE 2 model B, B+ 40T 4.00 FONTSTYLE by Micro User 4.50 SIM CITY by Superior Software 7.00 All software comes in it's original commercial form. For further details, or to purchase software, please deal direct with MWPD at the address provided in the NEWS section of this magazine. User: 81R FOR SALE or SWAP +- CASH Viglen 5.25" double sided 40/80 switchable disc drive (no power supply) - 35.00 or nearest offer.