8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software Disc Magazine Issue 13 - June 1991 (c) Duncan Webster 1991 (all rights reserved) COMMUNICATIONS We start this month by mentioning the people who have been silently supporting 8BS in the background without much of a mention from me. No doubt the communications buffs amoungst you will know of the existence of Resolve Communications, Darcworld and TAS. To put things into perspective, Resolve Communications is the present base system for all electronic messages to 8BS (soon to be joines by TAS). Beleive it or not, Resolve is the reason 8BS came into existence to the communications world, and this was shortly followed by the Micro User for non comms BBC owners. Resolve is run by John Carpenter and contains a plethera of information including an 8BS section (what else?), Music 500 and Music 5000 support, Hitch Hikers Section, Monty Python section, Commodore Amoeba (oops - AmiGa) section (plus all other micros also supported) and stacks of downloadable material amoungst other sections too numerous to list here. Resolve comms is on 0582 832653 and supports Viewdata and scrolling, although viewdata is most recommended. Darcworld is run on an Acorn Archimedes and does not support viewdata. BBC comms enthusiasts can still log onto the board in scrolling or "terminal" mode, but this can take ages on the slower modems. Darcworld has not been properly explored by me, so I cannot accurately comment on the contents of the board itself. For the comms enthusiast reading this, Darcworld runs on V32 (9600), V22bis (2400), V22 (1200), V21 (300), MNP (1 through 5). There is an advert for Darcworld on this months disc if you would like to know more then you can *TYPE the filename T.DarcWld on drive 0. TAS has only recently "joined" 8BS and is a viewdata system run by Dugald Holmes. Like Resolve, there is a whole host of information and special interest groups plus a lot of downloadable material (including some for the Psion Organiser). However Unlike Resolve, users of TAS can join 8-bit Software directly by completing a "response frame" although this has had limited success as of late due to the lack of advertising material on the board itself. TAS also carries a "subscription fee" of 5 pounds per annum. This fee is by no means mandatory, but does grant you access to the more privalaged facilities within the system such as fax, closed user groups etc. TAS is on 0372 743809 (viewdata only). If you are not into communications, then the details above may seem a little garbled and confusing. 8BS was going to run a small series on the basics of communications, but it appears that another magazine has got there first, and it would seem pointless in explaining things twice. If you are worried about the expense of communications, then listed below are the charges that I pay. I do not use communications during the week - only weekends for about 5 hours p.w. Modem (second Hand) and software chip ....... #10.00 Subscription to Mercury Communications ...... # 8.50 per annum Telephone call charges (itemised) ........... #17.00 per month approx You are looking at a total outlay in the region of #200.00 per year running costs just for phone bills. Getting the equipment and going on-line is the easy and inexpensive part. If anyone who is thinking of going on-line and would like to ask some questions then please write in and I will do my best to answer.