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8-bit Software Disc Magazine Issue 13 - June 1991 (c) Duncan Webster 1991 (all rights reserved) HINTS and TIPS User: Y80 Re: Nevryon Text: Passwords can be obtained by just listing the intro program. Passwords are ... ARCHIE (lev 2) STEREO (lev 3) REBEL (lev 4) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- AIRWOLF SOLUTION Mission 3 Missions 1 and 2 were explained last month. Our games editor continues this month with a detailed analysis of mission 3 - Look away if you would not like to know the answer. Mission 3: Open the first door. Wait for the first passageway down and go down quickly to the bottom when it is safe to do so. At the bottom, quickly fly left and "drop a bomb", ie. turn the helicopter to face you, over the small button and press FIRE. The rope should now dissappear. Now BOMB a decent space in the wall (location X) and go down HOLDING SCROLL RIGHT to go next to the switch, and move around until the BOUNCING BALL has vanished. Shoot the switch and fly left. Shoot each wall until it vanishes. When you come to the last wall, go down the gap, release SCROLL RIGHT and wait. The BOUNCY ALIEN should crash into the wall, die, and open the hatch. Go and fly the ship "backwards" (ie. face left and nudge left). You should have collected the SCIENTIST. Return to where you "bombed" a hole in the wall. Fly LEFT then UP, then LEFT, then UP. Shoot a hole in the wall, follow the IRON GIRDER upwards, and return to base as described in Mission One (see issue 12 mag.). Mission 3 is now complete. Thats all you are getting this month. The final part explaining missions 4 and 5 will be discussed next month. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- CJR's CHEAT FILE Listed below are a number of cheat methods for various games in the BBC world. This section is for the more experienced user who knows what he/she is doing. Please be careful ... Cheats info Program alteration data Worked out by C.J.Richardson. _____________________________ Please please do not attempt to use these bits of information unless you are confident that you know what you are doing, or you may mess up your prize games. RANSACK *LO. RAN4 SLOW GAME DOWN ?&12C0=&EA ?&12C1=&EA ?&12C2=&EA NO FOREIGN BODIES ?&1837=&EA ?&1838=&EA ?&1839=&EA FANTASTIC SCORE ?&1391=&EA ?&1392=&EA ?&1393=&EA *SA. RAN4 1100+1630 REPTON 3 (AROUND THE WORLD) MASTER VERSION INFINITE LIVES/VIEW ANY MAP *LO. REPTON2 ?&311C=&63 \ LIVES ?&304A=&D \ MAPS *SA. REPTON2 1200+4E00 12FB RETURN OF R2 This is a rewrite of the file "OF" Needs SWR 5 PRINT"CHEAT? Y/N":A$=GET$ 10 VDU19,2,5;0; 20 VDU23,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 30 COLOUR1 40 VDU 26,12 50 PRINT''''''' 60 *SRDATA4 70 *SRDATA5 80 *SRLOAD R2 0 85 IF A$="Y":A$="?&B8B=0:?&C11=0 M" ELSE A$="" 90 OSCLI"K.0*SRREAD B00+53C0 0 M"+A$+"CALL&5E20 M":OSCLI"FX138,0,128":END DUNE RIDER Additions to the loader: 160 PRINT TAB(10,20);"CHEAT? Y/N":A$=GET$ 270*LO. D.DUNE1 271IFA$="N":CALL&5400 272OSCLI"FX21":PRINT'"PUDDLES KILL Y/N ?":IFGET$="N" ?&4633=&EA:?&4634=&EA:?&4635=&EA 273PRINT"BOMBS KILL Y/N ?":IFGET$="N" ?&46CC=&EA:?&46CD=&EA:?&46CE=&EA 274PRINT"NO FUEL KILLS Y/N ?":IFGET$="N" ?&4B2D=&EA:?&4B2E=&EA:?&4B2E=&EA 276PRINT"INFINITE LIVES Y/N ?":IFGET$="Y" ?&4DCC=&EA:?&4DCD=&EA:?&4DCE=&EA:?&4DCF=&EA 277CALL&540 STARQUAKE This is the loader 10*K.0MO.5:OSCLI"LO.QUAKE2":?&752C=&60:CALL&74E8:?&752C=&98:?&2DD6=&60: CALL&752C M 20*FX138,0,128 30END OMEGA ORB Add this line to OMEGA7 5IF INKEY(0)=74INPUTTAB(0,16)C%:INPUTTAB(0,16)D%:PRINTTAB(0,16)" ":PROCS Then *LO. OMEGA5 ?&1B4D=&60 *SA. OMEGA5 1100+1000 Then CH."OMEGA" You can then input the room co-ordinates to travel to by repeatedly tapping "J" until the program frezes. Enter 2 sets of co-ordinates. The first is X in the range 0 to 13. The next is Y in the range 0 to 11. Your choice is displayed at the bottom left corner of the screen POSITRON A couple of hundred lives *LOAD positron ?&285D=&96 CALL&3D06