8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software Electronic Mailbox (c) Duncan Webster 1991 Hi Chris! Here is issue 13 - mainly a special on you (he he) I have also included another disc I received from Poland (marked - please investigate). He has a Master and it is supposed to contain screens about himself but guess what? - Nothing will work on my model b. Apparantly the prog. must be booted from page E00. Just insert the disc and !boot it - it should work or so he says. Anyhow - have a butchers and see if you can get any results. Bye for now.... Duncan. PS. As requested I have replaces your TBI No. 2 disc with the update version I received from you - Thanks. PPS. Lets see if we get any good comments on your repton stuff. PPPS. Repton passwords scheduled for issue 14 PPPPS. Have a look at the program labelled GIRLY on side 2 of the issue discs - great fun!!! PPPPPS. R.Joke repton screens are even better!!! The end (honest!)