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8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster 1991 Issue 13 June 1991 NEWS I am afraid I am (yet again) going to have to start by having a moan. It has been brought to my attention by some members that the issue 12 programs Space Pods and Prommer were NOT in fact PD. Subsequent checks made by myself have borne these allegations out. I would therefore ask any persons innocently holding the above software in the belief that it is PD to get rid of it as soon as possible. The reason that these titles found their way onto an issue disc in the first place is the fact that the coding had deliberatly been altered and REM statements inserted to deliberatley fool anyone into thinking that the prog. is of PD status. This is not the first time this has happened and I suppose it will not be the last either. To be frank I am getting a little sick and tired of having to take this kind of action month after month because of the selfish stupid (not to mention illegal) actions of a few persons. In an effort to curb these actions I have informed the correct authors of these programs about their misuse in the PD world who will take action if they feel it is necessary. A few members have sent (c) software in that they obtained from other PD libraries. I have no axe to grind against these members, but obviously I cannot issue the software. If you are going to submit copyrighted software, then make sure it is YOUR OWN copyright message and that you give me permission to issue the software in an accompanying letter. I will say no more on the matter as it is not what 8BS was set up to discuss or get involved in. The members concerned know who they are and they can consider their knuckles well and truly rapped. Please do not send (c) software that is not your own to me - you will regret it. MARTIN WATSON PD On a ligher note, I have received the latest catalogue from MWPD, which as you may know is one of the newer PD libraries to recently come into existence. The catalogue unfortunately is too large to include on an issue disc, but MWPD could do with a few more PD programs, demos, utils etc. If you would like more information on the PD software available, and how to submit your own software, then please write in for details to this address ... MWPD 21 Whitehorse Street Hereford HR4 0EP Any software will be acceptable (PD software that is), be it games, utils, small routines, text files, articles etc. MWPD also has a selction of second hand disc software for sale at very reasonable prices. A full list appears in the adverts section of this magazine. ISSUE 12 DISC I have to apologise for the late arrival of issue 12 for a lot of members. Unfortunately I was using my 5.25" drive with the Acorn A3000 when a power failure corrupted the issue 12 master disc and for the umpteenth time I had to learn the hard way about making regular backups. A million apologies for the delay, and a million thanks to Martin Watson who supplied his copy for me to duplicate at such short notice. ADVENTURE GAME The adventure game by Gary Davies on the issue 12 disc didn't appear to work for 99% of members. Ths was due to an error in the !Menu program from the issue 12 disc. The Replies to Help section of this magazine informs you of how to fix this. Apologies go to the author and any member who had to do without. HIGH SCORES Not been too popular this, since I published high scores way back (about issue 9 time). However, Alex Savvides has managed to score 109400 at the Skirmish game. Anyone beaten that? - How about 8BS compiling an all time high score table. Format would be much the same as others except I would mark whether the score attained was CLAIMED or PROVEN. Any camera pointed at the screen will take a good enough picture (although you will have to look quite hard on some pictures). COMPETITION A competition has been suggested to me about designing a logo for 8BS. Sounds like a good idea? - The only conditions I would attach is that the coding must either be in mode 7, or any other mode provided it is a separate program then then CHAINs a file called "!menu" on drive 0 in the $ (root) directory. I leave it all up to you. No closing date set and no prize offered - well the prize will be seeing your logo at the forefront of each future 8BS magazine & disc - what more could you possibly want? TECH TIPS From the comments on the members return sheets (oops, discs) it appears that the tech tips section run by Andy Nibbs has gone down extremely well indeed. Virtually every member has commented upon the Tech Tips and would all like to see much more of the same. I have to report that I have not received any more such items from Andy at present, but hopefully after reading this he will DO SOME MORE (get the hint?)