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8-bit Software Disc Magazine Issue 13 - June 1991 (c) Duncan Webster 1991 (all rights reserved) PROBLEMS & HELP WANTED Mr J A Brook has sent in a couple of problems to do with Computer Concept's INTERWORD ROM and H.S. William's BASDUMP (issue 12). I will let him continue .. F.A.O. H.S.Williams RE: BASDUMP I am able to get the BASDUMP utility into the sideways RAM of my Master quite easily because I have the Beebug Masterom which makes this process very simple indeed. To try BASDUMP out, I next loaded the Basic program ROT5 (issue 12 8BS disc) with the command *RL ROT5 and I duly got the expected message "Upload OK". How What? How do I get it to run? Nothing happened when I tried *ROT5. Am I misunderstanding the purpose and use of BASDUMP? (Mr Willaims is currently away from home for a while, and will be back in a few months. Meanwhile, has any other member had success with the BASDUMP ROM? - Please write in and let me know) F.A.O. Andy Nibbs Re: TECH TIPS I have had the INTERWORD ROM for years and use it extensively, amoungst other things for producing the text for a magazine, when I use the "Multi-File" Facility. However, I get a very odd effect when typing in a word at the end of a page which is of such a length that the program inserts a carriage return so as to place that word on the next line. Instead of then going to the next line, it goes back to the start of the line it is on and overtypes! If I then use the cursor down key and go to the top of the next page I will find the last line of the previous page repeated. I then have to delete the overtyping by going back to the last line of the previous page, use the cursor keys to take me onto the next page, and then all will be back to normal. What a carry on! Any idea what causes this? Could the use of justification be responsible. It can't be the chip, because I get the same performance using the Mega3 ROM chip, as I did with the standard interword chip. Your comments would be very interesting. (Although this is primarily directed at Andy Nibbs (god help him) if any member has found a "cure" for this then please write in). ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Continuing on, Mr F Nevin has expressed his delight at last to be able to use a shares program, but unfortunately has run into a few problems. Is there any way that the existing program can be amended and checked for bugs before resubmitting for inclusion on a future issue? - His comments are below ... F.A.O. A S Shakoor RE: Shares Accountant When I reload data from disc I keep getting the message "Type Mismatch at line 1430". If in the program I then try and LOAD from disc it appears to work. Message to the effect received that filename has loaded with data already in memory. Is this due to my Master? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- F.A.O. ALL MEMBERS Re: Music while you Work? Can someone write in and explain how to put tunes into programs via software interrupts (I think). I have no idea how easy or hard this is, but a few members have written in asking how this is done. Do we have an interrupts expert out there? - You certainly haven't got one here at 8BS (yet).