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8-bit Software Disc Magazine Issue 13 - June 1991 (c) Duncan Webster 1991 (all rights reserved) PROGRAMMERS RETURN (June 91) Comments from issue 11 and 12 are still filtering through so keep an eye out if you have submitted software to 8BS in the past. Many new members who joined during issue 12 will be submitting their first set of comments this month, so I have given these reports a little priority for publication. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: Lost Your Marbles User Z0Q: A super game that is really good fun to play. Good sound and graphics and it makes you want to have another go. Excellent. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: Helicoptor Haulocast User 1K1: Good idea for a game, but unfortunately has BASIC graphics, slow movement and sound from a VIC 20! User 994: The Sound of the Machine Gun needs to stop as soon as you see the bullets. Needs improvements about different skill levels and computer opponents. User 8CT: Good use of graphics but the noise of the bullets is a bit annoying. i haven't played this game much as I rarely have someone else to play with. A suggestion for a modification would be to get the computer to control one of the players in a one player option. User 14E: Not a bad BASIC game although it is very slow and jerky. The bullets move slowly thus making it easy to avoid them. User 0E7: Bullets very slow - can you make them any faster? User 4RR: As soon as it became apparant that the number 2 player is never rightly credited with winning I gave up. Back to the drawing board please Steven and correct this major fault. User 6EE: Not a bad little game. Much too slow but the graphics are quite good. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: Adventure Hints and Tips User 442: A very good section of the magazine which I hope gets continued each month as I am sure that there are loads of cheats for games around somewhere. User 4DO: Very Handy - I managed to get past a bit of a game that I was stuck on for ages ... Any more coming?? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: Liverpool Manager User 442: A good game which is enjoyable to play, but a preview of all the matches would be very helpful. Has anybody got any tips for this game? User 709: OK - Too easy to beat and not enough different things to do. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: Crazy Balls User 442: All I can say is Brilliant! - Where is Crazy Balls 2? - there are not enough levels in CBs. User 709: Easily of commercial standard, wonderfully clean graphics and nice score font - it took me a little while to figure out what to do once I had collected all the flowers. Only one minor niggle - the movement was a little sticky and I had problems getting from one twig to another. All in all an excellent game - Congrats to Andy Nibbs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: Pontoon User 348: Brilliant - I have been looking for a good Pontoon game for absolutely ages and that fits the bill exactly. User 994: Great fun - I managed to get about 280p on my second go. Hope to top 1000p soon. User 4RR: There are many computer adaptions of this well known card game. As the play must follow the same basic rules, the only variable left for the programmer is to change the visual appearance. I liked all the card representations, which were all clear as was the screen layout. However I was disappointed that on playing the game at regular intervals, the same cards would repeatadly appear. Now the cards shouldn't have been shuffled after each hand as this would indicate, and it would follow if two or three cards are constantly being repeated that the others never get a chance. So this is just for fun, but even the youngest member of the family spotted it. There is one great simalarity to the real card game I have found, and that is I have yet to have PONTOON. Just let me try once again! User 2GJ: ONE COMPLAINT - Why if I go bust does the computer insist on playing it's own hand, and frequently busting itself, thus producing a draw? This is nonsensical. User 0E7: Graphics Good. Speed Good. Why can punter stick at less that 16? In my day he had to twist or buy. How about a "buy" option. RETURN is pressed after placing bet: Any ket is pressed after dealing and starting game. Wouldn't it be better if there was more uniformity in keys? User 8CT: Excellent graphics for the picture cards and in general a great version that is easy to use. I like the way it is possible for a draw as normally the computer, being the dealer would get all the money ona draw. A Modification could be for the computer to have money as well as so if you did well you could make the computer go bust. User 6EE: Quite liked this game. The yellow text on a green background is difficult to see, otherwise very good. User Z0Q: A good pontoon simulation. The graphics for the King, Queen, Jack and cards are excellent. Very enjoyable but I seem to be getting 21 most of the time or am I just lucky? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: Red Dwarf Screens User 348: Great - These sort of digitised pictures look better on a B/W TV or Mono Monitor or dumped using the right screen dump screens. One suggestion - would it be possible to perform some sort of compression - ie. the LDPIC standard used on some BBs? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: Year Planner User 994: Very useful at the moment with my exams coming up. I can now see how long I have got left. User 1K1: An excellent program which I will be using for quite a long time! User 2GJ: Looks though it could be quite useful - I tend to fiddle around with this kind of program. One criticism - it would be VASTLY improved if it sorted the various monthly activities that I program it with DATE ORDER. User 0E7: A Nice handy program with a nice display. Attention is needed at the following options... OPT1. Information read on how to enter dates as abbreviations are not accepted eg. Month 1-12 Year (1991) OPT2. Why Message "Rewind Sheet then press SPACE" as pressing any key steps the program. OPT3. Must have data entered. If no data then pressing key steps cursor to bottom of WINDOW before program steps on. OPT4-8. Message in window not clear "Add.Delete.Menu" - this requires keys A,D or M to be pressed for action - why not "(A)dd, (D)elete, (M)enu"? User 14E: Excellent program. I especially liked the option to print out the calender for the year. Only complaint is it's a bit tedious typing out 1991 every time, it would be easier to use the last two digits (ie. 91). User 6JE: Good Layout of menus and of month screens. Very good program. User 8CT: This is a very useful program especially with it's yearly entry options for things like birthdays. I found it very easy to get used to using it and now it is in use full time. User 6EE: Another excellent program - I like how easter was displayed. User Z0Q: Another useful program which is really well written. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: Percentages Program User 1K1: Although this can be very useful tool for people, it may deter some people from investigating into the program further due to the appearance. But otherwise is quite a good program. User 6EE: Very good. One section of this program is just what I have been looking for, screen layout and presentation excellent. I only wish you could do more than one calculation before returning to the menu. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: Ince Treasure User Z0Q: An entertaining adventure. I can't say any more about it because I can't get very far. An excellent effort though. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: VDU Codes Killer User Z0Q: A very useful utility which I have used to catalogue "professional Games Discs". It could come in very handy one day. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: Test Cards Program User Z0Q: A super program which I am sure will be invaluable now I an revising for my A level exams. Thank you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: BASDUMP Utility User Y80: It's really good. Very useful for merging routines or parts of other programs onto the end of a program that you are working on and that could be stored in RAM first. User 8CT: This is a very useful utility but it failed to work correctly with the ROT5 graphics. I uploaded ROT5 and pressed CTRL BREAK, then I downloaded to and typed RUN. It drew some of the ROT5 screen then the computer hung up. I could get it working by downloading it, pressing CTRL BREAK and then typing OLD then RUN - it worked fine whenever this method was used. This utility is great for use when developing software because you don't have to get the disc, and the SWR can easily have a new version uploaded into it, but a problem with my computer means SWR is corrupted on power ON or OFF and unfortunately BASDUMP disables the DFS if I write protect SWR. User 994: Very good utility, but I have not been able to save any program and make a ROM Image. I assume I do not have enough SWR. User 81R: What I have been looking for for ages. This is a very tidy and easy to use program storer. All the more need for me to get a battery backup for my SWR board. If I put the program itself onto EPROM would it still need to use SWR or would I be free to use SRW for something else? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: LIFE User Y80: It's nice to see a program that you can run from SWR for a change, but what the hell is LIFE? - what is it supposed to do? It rather reminds me of a MODE 7 graphics program called graphics colours which twang all over the screen. I think I have a program from a Micro User disc somewhere called Life as well which I never use because I don't know what to do with it. Can anyone enlighten me? - Well? - Who'd like to explain the meaning of LIFE then? Duncan. User 8CT: A pretty good version, I especially liked the patterns that are already programmed into it and thought they were a good idea. I can't see what advantage is held by being ROM based rather than disc based apart from the fact that it is in the computer and easy to hand, but I liked it anyway and think that it is a great program. User 994: Very good idea if you cannot be bothered to load it in every time you want to use it - just bung it into SWR and hope you have got a battery backup. One problem with the program - what about some colour? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: SCREEN TRANSFER ROUTINE User 4DO: Even though it says "probably not of much use" I am thinking of using it in a little routine of my own. I'll let you know how it comes along. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: COMPLETE ADDRESS BOOK User 8CT: The program is a good idea but I think the layout could be improved. I liked part of the new character set but the large text looked messy with its new S and A characters. I would prefer the number and street to be on the same line and the Town and County would be better separate. I also do not have much use for a COUNTRY field so this could be altered to COUNTY. It also lacks the field for a postcode which I think is quite an important item. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: DEVILS ISLAND User 8CT: Once I manaed to get the program loaded (see Replied to Help Section of this Mag) I was presented with a picture, the the text appeared with half of it promptly disappearing behind the picture. I realose this may be due to the software that created it and not the fault of the writer but wouldn't it have been a good idea to have a shorter description that would fit on the screen? It was annoying and I couldn't find a way to stop it doing that. If the SHIFT and CTRL keys were pressed then the text flickered - is there a way to find out what this says? All I have done so far is to find a note with morse code on it so I am even more confused now. Hang on, I am off to the library for a book on morse code. User C83: This text adventure is brilliant so far (I haven't got very far at all). The graphics and presentation are good. It is very enjoyable and fun to play, although I find it quite hard. My compliments to the author. (another member who got it to work! ... Duncan). User 105: Looks like a good game, but I cannot even get past the first screen. How about some hints and tips for the magazine in future?