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8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster 1991 Issue 13 June 1991 ON THE DISC Issue 13 sees the biggest amount of different programs ever on an 8BS disc. However, I have had to lose a lot of software originally scheduled for issue 13 due to copyright messages in the listings - Owing to recent circumstances (which I am sure you are all fed up of hearing) I threw the software out if I was in any doubt about copyright. Therefore if you are to submit programs, make sure I can clearly see that any copyright message is either CLEARLY YOUR OWN or absent altogether I have also had complaints about the lack of music programs on 8BS when you consider that other PD libraries have discs full of them. I have to admit that I am to blame totally due to the fact I use the Hybrid Music 5000 system which renders any Model B/Master Music pathetic by comparison. However I do recognise the fact that not everyone has the Hybrid system, so I have gone out of my way to bias this issue towards music on the model B. I have also saved one Music 500 tune and one Music 5000 tune (see later) so that us Hybrid owners are not left out. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAMMERS RETURNS Please comment on any one (or more) of the following. Do not comment on programs not appearing in this list ... REPTON SCREENS - Only file 2J3REP Amcom to ADFS Directory Rename Util Envelope Creator E Type Cheat Froggy Game Motor Consumption Prog ADFS String Search Phantom of the Opera ROM To DISC UTILTY Please send your comments on Word Processor format or ASCII text files as stated in the issue 12 magazine. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAMS ON THIS MONTHS DISC ARE AS FOLLOWS .... Motor Program:- Nice utility to monitor the performance of your car. If you are using the program for the first time, then you will need to initialise it by returning to BASIC and CHAINing the filename START on drive 0 in the $ directory. The "Amount" field represents the Amount in litres - the mileage should be the the INITIAL or START mileage of your car. The program will then save 2 files to the disc. You can then select the Motor Program from the 8BS menu program or CHAIN"Motor" and you should be able to add new data. You will also need to configure the program to hold details of your own car. This data can be entered (the hard way I am afraid) by LOADing the program (MOTOR) and amending lines 290,300,540 and 550. The author has stated that if anyone would like to make some improvements to the program, then please do so and send it in. Amcom to ADFS Transfer:- Utility to help transfer files saved on the non-standard AMCOM DFS discs to Acorn ADFS format. See separate article for full info. AxelF Music (BASIC):- Wait 5 seconds for this to run. Ample version also supplied for the Music 5000 (Ample Nucleus), which is a very impressive arrangement. Broadway Boogie (BASIC):- BBC Music file. Very old (pre 1985) but still one of the best. Directory Rename Utility:- Utility to globally rename all filenames under a DFS directory letter to another - saves having to enter *RENAME <file> for every filename. Envelope Creator:- Might need a little fiddling around with, but I can get some sounds out of it. Of limited practical use but good fun. E Type Game Cheat:- Cheat for E Type - Just run from the menu - select various options and insert E typr disc when prompted to. Froggy Game (BASIC):- Well programmed and amusing game - great for young children. Golden Brown (BASIC):- BBC Music File. Stairway to Heaven:- BBC Music File. Kix Game Cheat:- Cheat for Kix by Superior Software. Select the option from the menu. As soon as the disc drive stops, replace the issue13 disc with your copy of Kix before selecting the options. News Reader Demo:- Demonstration of newsreader reading the news (quite boring really). ADFS String Search:- Originally intended for Winchester Drives, but has limited success on an ADFS drive. Utility searches the whole disc for a specified string - very useful if you DO have a hard disc. Phantom of the Opera:- Nice Graphical screen. No comment on the music. ROM to Disc Utility:- Very handy utilty that will automatically copy an image of each ROM in your machine onto disc under the R directory. Images can then be run from SWR etc ... Seasick Mode Split Demo:- Demonstrated the ability to have half screen Mode 7 and half Mode 1. After it has finished drawing you can scroll the Mode 1 screen by using the arrow keys. Pressing LEFT and UP arrow together makes smoother animation - experiment and see how you do .... Thomas the Tank Engine:- Ahhh! - This brings back fond memories! Ample Music 5000 and Music 500:- Cannot be run from the menu - filenames are A.Axelf for the Music 5000 and another tune called 5.HiLow for the older Music 500 Ample BCE version. Blakes 7 Liberator Pic:- Another nostalgic view into the past world of Sci-Fi. Best viewed on b/w TV or Mono Monitor or you can try PRINTING it if you have the appropriate software. Digitised Animations:- Star wars animations were published in issue 10. These extra 2 animations are what I could not fit on the disc at that time. Much better viewed on a b/w TV or Mono Monitor. Message to Atari ST and Amiga Owners:- I quite like this one! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- *** UNDOCUMENTED SOFTWARE *** There is some software on this months disc that is not documented in the menu or magazine. This is because I was very uncertain as to whether to put them on the disc. I finally decided to do so provided I could put a warning in the magazine itself, and this IS THAT WARNING! - So read the following carefully .... 8-bit Software I hope has never been caught in the past publishing obscene or crude material (unlike some of the other libraries I could mention) even under an "adult section". I have been sent the following files which could be thought of as very amusing, but might border on being offensive to some members. Therefore, please DO NOT RISK being offended and delete the following files if you are unsure. (If I know you to be under 15 years of age, then you will not find the files on the disc at all). Filename: R.Joke DRIVE SURFACE: 2 This is another Repton 3 screen file although it is not very difficult to complete and not very tasteful and just a touch crude. If you think you might be offended (or are below 15 years of age) then DO NOT RUN THIS PROGRAM - DELETE IT FROM THE DISC. Filename: Girly DRIVE SURFACE: 2 Also known as the vital statistics resulting in a drawing to your specifications - very amusing if you're that kind of a person. Again, if you think you could be offended (or are below 15 years of age) then please DO NOT run this program.