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8-bit Software Disc Magazine Issue 13 - June 1991 (c) Duncan Webster 1991 (all rights reserved) MESSAGES (inc. Replies to Help Wanted) Message to: All Members From: Duncan Webster Many members weren't too disturbed about the new magazine format, but many asked why pages cannot be printed out. Well they can if you prefix the 3 digit code number with the letter P - See the Magazine Help option on issue 12 disc for more info. For example if you wanted to view page 100, and print it, you would enter P100 after making sure your printer was on line and ready to print. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message to: All Members From: Duncan Webster Anyone who is stuck on what to do with the small C compiler (available from the TBI pool) will be pleased to know that Mr. Needham has kindly forwarded some comprehensive notes (by J Harsdon) on the compiler, including the valuable information needed to get the thing started in the first place. This information now comes with the compiler as standard, so anyone wanting a copy should send in 2 discs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message to: All Members From: 6EE (M Needham) Anyone who has obtained a copy of the TBI disc "The Animation Station Animations" - or TAS Animations for short might like to note that the Skeletons 2 program doesn't work too well with some micros. The way to fix this is to Remove the REM from line 10 and substitute IF. The GOTO line should also be changed to 900. The program will now load and run. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message to: All Members From: Duncan Webster Although 99% of members could not get the Devils Island game to work (issue 12), one member (8CT) has managed to sort out the error. In order to get the program to run, you should return to command mode by pressing CTRL + BREAK, make sure your issue 12 disc is in drive 0 and enter the following .... *DIR B <return> *DEVILS <return> The program should then LOAD and RUN correctly. You might like to alter the appropriate area on the !Menu file on the issue 12 disc - it reads *DIR A instead of *DIR B. If you DO USE this game now it can be loaded correctly, then any comments will be welcome. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message to: YR2 From: 2J3 (C Richardson) Thanks for the info about copyfiles on the Welcome disc for the Master. However with a single drive which is what I have, a swap of discs is required for each file - sometimes 2 or 3 swaps are needed for just ONE file! This is especially tedious when you know you have stacks more memory available. What I am after is a program that will copy the entire contents of a DFS disc onto a specified directory of an ADFS disc with the nimimum number of disc swaps. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message to: YJ2 (A Snodgrass) From: 4RR Re: Watford Solderless SWR board You have rightly identified the SWR socket as 14H and 14L (high and low) which although two sockets, only replace one 16k ROM socket. Thus only 8k RAM chips (6264's) should be fitted in each socket giving a total of 16k. Provided you DO have the correct RAM chips fitted there is not much else to say. I have Yorkshire Boys Mixmania 1 and 2 running happily with my Watford Solderless SWR board fitted. All apart from 2 tracks on the first disc (as these need 4x16k SWR banks) and all on the second disc work but you need 16k SWR fitted. It is also possible that there is a clash with a ROM already mounted onto the board. To prove this you would have to switch off each ROM in turn and run the YB's disc. As it may even be your ROM manager causing the problem you should try software switching. This is acheived by typing directly:- ?(&2A1+&<n>)=0 where <n> (in HEX) is the number of the ROM socket which you require to be switched off. Note that this is only a software disable and will not survive a BREAK action. After turning ROMs off therefore you will have to boot the YB's disc MANUALLY by entering *EXEC !boot. Finally, check that all the pins on the SWR board have been seated correctly on the BBC's main board and that there aren't any bent pins. Trusting this has helped. Good luck as the Mixmania discs are well worth listening to. EDITORS FOOTNOTE: Mixmania 2 volume 2 (note - the next disc on from M. Mania 2) is available from the TBI pool - see issue 12 magazine for a full list. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message to: A S Shakoor From: Y80 (Alex Savvides) I like A S Shakoors stuff, especially his use of Mode 7 and the way he has turned the screen flicker off to give you a distorted character set in his address book proggy. In response to his request for ideas to program, I have the following ideas ... - A Mode 7 Word Processor (I am sure he can sort out something) - A Mode 7 Screen Editor. Maybe even extend it so that the screens can be edited and then squeezed into one datafile enabling a CEEFAX type environment where you select a page and then it is loaded up etc. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message to: All Members From: Duncan Webster Here is a challenge to all members of 8BS who like a programming challenge. Take a look at the ROT5 graphics program. Mr Nevin (0E7) has remarked that it would be nice to see James Bond appear in the middle after it has finished drawing? - And how about some music? Well, there it is although I shall certainly NOT be doing it myself. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message to: A S Shakoor From: 81R (S Bodman) How about writing a nice program for 8BS which handels all our replies to 8BS and then puts it all on a single file. This would hopefully save time for both concerned. You would need to include the following - Messages to 8BS, Messages to other users, Adverts, Details of programs sent up, Reviews etc. This would be helpful to everyone, especially those without Word Processors. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message to: All Members From: 81R (S Bodman) Would anyone like to polish my programs up and turn one or more of them into a really professional version? I am sure there is the ability to do this out there as long as the program sticks to the rules on the issue 12 disc Re: variables etc. EDITORS NOTE: The Motor Car Program is one such program submitted by Mr Bodman - would anyone like to work on this program? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message to: 4E2 (Andy Nibbs) From: 81R (S Bodman) Could you please supply details and a circuit diagram for the sound sampler? I have a BBC Model B issue 7 if this makes any difference. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message to: 7GE From: 2J3 (C Richardson) RE: Games for Sale Enquiry Including P+P. Lord of the Rings BBC Tape ONLY with book (quite a large package really therefore a bit extra on postage unless you wish to forego the novel which is the original LOTR novel in paperback) 4 pounds for both cassettes or 6 pounds for the lot. GRAPHIC ADVENTURE CREATOR BBC tape ONLY, a bit on P and P again 3 pounds for the lot or 2 pounds without the large box it is in. Spy Vs Spy BBC Only TAPE ..... 3.00 Alien 8 BBC Only TAPE ......... 2.00 All in first class nick - as good as new. If you want all the tapes I will knock a pound off. PS. Why not send off for TBI07? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message to: 81R (formerlly Y2J) - S Bodman From: 2J3 (C Richardson) RE: CITADEL CHEAT The cheat was written for the Play it Again Sam version. My apologies if it does not work for you. Unfortunately some cheats that I have sent to 8BS will not work under all circumstances. Some of them are really only broad guidelines for people who know what they are doing to fiddle around with. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message to: 74Q From: 2J3 RE: Inca Treasure Enquiry You want help? All the usual rules for text adventures are worth bearing in mind. Type HELP, think if all the different ways you could ask for something. If you read the JUNE Micro User you would see how to use the Machete. You really do need a map - where are you stuck?