8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software Disc Magazine Issue 13 - June 1991 (c) Duncan Webster 1991 (all rights reserved) REPTON Ok, it's green bonz time again, and if you're expecting your regular fix this month then you are not likely to be disappointed. I'll kick off first by honouring my promise last month. On the disc is a filename called I.KISEI which is a REPTON INFINITY screen file and will therefore ONLY work with with copies on Repton Infinity. The screens themselves are much the same as the REPTON 3 version except for the following ... Inert Fungus: There are 2 types of fungus, normal and inert. The inert fungus will not spread as long as you do not collide with it. If a monster hits the inert fungus then the monster changed into a grave. The inert fungus is almost identical to the normal in appearance so watch out! Graves: The graves release spirits approx. every 25 seconds. The graves always release spirits to the EAST of themselves. If the square to the EAST is blocked by anything except space it will not release any spirits. Although Chris Richardson was kind enough to supply his "fixed" version of the TROG screens they were (in his own words) "a bit messy". This months disc contains another updated version of the TROG screens, this time updated by the author himself - they all work (or so he says). Filename = R.TROG REPTON SCREEN COMMENTS User 994: I am stuck on the first screen on both. The screens generally are great. I used to like Repton when I could complete the first few screens, but now I'm starting to dispise the little green git. I think it is because I am not that good at the game anymore. User 8CT: Excellent - I did quite well with this one, I got to screen G but I am having trouble passing this one. I think the invisable walls were a bit nasty on screen F and there were too many spirits to run away from which made screen F take a long time to complete. The egg that isn't an egg fooled me but I thought is was a good idea. I like the review that the 1st 3 passwords spell (UIM, IS, RUBBISH). hope to see more screens in the future. COMPETITION Well, nobody has claimed the prize attached to the BLOG repton screens yet so it looks like my tenner is safe. For all members who hate repton, I have thought up another competition about designing am 8BS logo - no prize though. MORE SCREENS And now the moment you have all been waiting for .... yes we have some more screens, and I think these ones are the most original to date. Sent in by 2J3 (C J Richardson) the screens are under the filename R.2J3REP and can be loaded into REPTON as normal. Enjoy yourselves playing this - the screens have all been tested so there should be no problems with missing keys and inaccessable diamonds etc. Just one thing though .... I though the ambulances were meant to help people .... in these screens they chase you away .... If anyone else has designed repton screen(s) then please send them in - I have none lined up for issue 14, so unless you would like to go without you had better get designing ... or is this the end of the line for 8BS' repton section (please!!!). I have still yet to receive a new game designed on the repton blueprint program - has anyone the necessary skills??