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Y80 Faulty Program (HELP) - Listing

10REM >:0.$.weird 20REM 30REM Bug, virus or just impossible? 40REM 50REM Discovered by A. Savvides 60REM which meant he could not 70REM continue a masterpiece 80REM which he was writing... 90REM 100DIMfile$(31) 110: 120*KEY 1IF file$(11)="$.weird"THEN P. "YES"|M 130*KEY 2IF file$(11)<>"$.weird"THEN P ."YES...Doubly weird"|M 140MODE7 150ONERRORPROCerr:END 160PROCfiles 170IFB%=0THENEND 180PROCcheck 190: 200DEFPROCfiles 210PRINT'"Files on disk:"' 220PRINT"(Notice no control codes)"' 230*FX3 2 240*DIR$ 250*. 260*FX3 270A%=&0E08 280B%=0 290REPEAT 300IF?(A%+7)=0THENR$="$."ELSER$=CHR$(? (A%+7))+"." 310file$=R$ 320D%=0 330REPEAT 340IF?(A%+D%)>0OR?(A%+D%)<>&FFTHENfile $=file$+CHR$(?(A%+D%)) 350D%=D%+1 360UNTILD%=7OR?(A%+D%)=32 370PRINTB%+1;" '";file$;"'" 380B%=B%+1 390file$(B%)=file$ 400A%=A%+8 410UNTIL?A%=0ORA%=&F00ORB%=32 420IFB%=0THENPRINT"No files found" 430ENDPROC 440: 450DEFPROCcheck 460FORFILE=1TOB% 470IFfile$(FILE)="$.weird"THENCLS:PRIN T"$.weird ignored" 480NEXT 490PRINT'"End of check":VDU28,0,24,39, 13 500PRINT'"Key f1 to re-test (EQUAL TO) " 510PRINT'"Key f2 to re-test (NOT EQUAL TO)" 520END 530: 540DEFPROCerr 550*FX3 560REPORT:PRINT" at line ";ERL 570ENDPROC