8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster 1991 Issue 14 (July 1991) HINTS and TIPS User: 2GJ Hint: FOOTBALL MANAGER PART FIX Text: One of the problems here was that the game would not allow you to SAVE more than once as it would automatically LOCK the file, causing the game to corrupt if you tried to SAVE more than once. The solution is this ... a. LOAD"LPOOL" b. LIST 2830 c. Change it to:- 2830 OSCLI("ACCESS "+SAT$):A=OPENOUT(SAT$) d. SAVE"LPOOL" This will continue to LOCK and UNLOCK the file as you SAVE to your heart's content. As for the other bugs in it .... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- AIRWOLF SERIES by Matthew Price - Part 3 Concluding his series of how to complete the Airwolf missions, Matthew Price now goes on to describe the final missions .... MISSION 4 Fly to location X as shown in mission 3. Fly left, up, and then left into a large cavern. Watching out for flying balls, bomb the switch on the right first and then the one of the left. An alien should fly down the screen - shoot from the right of it into the middle of it. Go up to the top of the cavern, fly left, then carefully down the passage to the rope. Fly up the left passage to the top, then shoot to the top-left of this cavern. Below you there is a rockfall. Shoot through the wall, then shoot the switch. IMPORTANT: DO NOT HOLD DOWN A "SCROLL" KEY HERE. After shooting the switch the rope at the bottom of the other passage will vanish. Go to it and shoot the switch to halt the rockfall. Go to the rockfall (which has now vanished) and then go down and rescue the SCIENTIST. Return to where the rope at the bottom of the passage was, then go up, then right, then down, right through the cavern where you shot the two switches, then up, then right, then up to a wall. Shoot this and follow the GIRDER up. Then return to base as described in Mission One. Mission 4 is now complete. MISSION 5 Open the first door, go down the first passage and enter the first cavern on the right. Shoot the wall to the right and go through (avoiding the alien). Bomb the wall below you. Go down, right, and then down to the bottom of the passage. Stay here and shoot the two walls to the left. CAREFULLY go to the big arrow and repeatedly shoot it. When it is moved, go down to the second wall then go THROUGH, then LEFT, then UP, then RIGHT, then UP, then RIGHT and collect the SCIENTIST. Go back to the first wall you shot on this mission, then go LEFT, then DOWN, then LEFT. Bomb the switch and return to base as described in mission 3. THE END Please write in any problems, queries about any games to 8BS marked for the attention of GAMES EDITOR. User: C83 Hint: Devils Island Text: The coded message on the scrap of paper says "Turn at the drawbridge". When you meet the drawbridge type TURN, the handle on the piece of machinery turns and the drawbridge opens. When you find the LAMP try typing RUB. You can do this as many times as you like.