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8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster 1991 Issue 14 (July 1991) MESSAGE POOL For: 1K1 - A S Shakoor From: 2GJ - R Pashby - RE: LIVERPOOL MANAGER Text: Problems regarding your Liverpool Manager program. I have managed to suss the problem of SAVEing the game by altering line 2830, but I still can't survive beyong week 36 of season 1; I have a squad of 11 players each of SKILL 10 and STRENGTH 10, I then beat Rangers 4-0 and bingo! - I am sacked. I have only lost 9 games at this stage, but mysteriously my bank balance has lost nearly 9 million overnight! WHY?????!!!!! Furthermore, there are gremlins in your Address Book (I think) because it won't allow me to search for names and addresses without insisting that I ALTER them, which I do not wish to do. You also requested comments on your programs - here are a couple for this particular program:- a. Make it possible to search for a particular string, so that the computer can find surnames without having to give forenames. b. Provide space for on-screen extra information about each person. ie. whether they are on my christmas list or not. c. The option to print out SELECTED records, not the whole lot! For: All Members From: Duncan Webster Text: If any member of 8BS who has had a program published and would like a professional "magazine" style review, then look no further than here. Andrew Black has submitted excellent reviews of UIM and REPTON INFINITY in past issued of 8BS, and his review of SIM CITY is included in this magazine. If you would like YOUR program reviewed in this manner, then just write in. For: J A Brook From: Matthew Cocker 8CT Text: In response to your problems with BASDUMP, the correct way to use the program is to type the following:- LOAD "<file>" : Loads the file you want into memory *RS : Puts the file into SWR *RL : Retrieves the program from SWR RUN : Runs the program retrieved from SWR Example: LOAD"ROT5" *RS *RL RUN For: All Members From: Matthew Cocker 8CT Text: A note to people with Battery Backed up SWR. I have a battery backup on mine but on switching the computer ON or OFF the SWR gets slightly corrupted, and after a few times of this it kills the SWR contents completely. The only way to use battery backup and save the contents from being damaged is to switch the write protect ON before switching the computer ON or OFF. Another note on DEVILS ISLAND. On my computer the text is sometimes corrupted when playing this adventure. If anyone else has this problem then the solution is to type MODE 0 then type MODE 7 then *DIR B then *DEVILS. For: All Members From: J A Brook 72B Text: WANTED - BBC Soft's ULTRACALC - anyone willing to sell for a reasonable price? For: 7GE From: 6EE Text: If still available will swap FIRETRACK disc for PLAY IT AGAIN SAM disc A. For: All Members From: 6EE Text: For Sale or exchange .... Large collection of TAPE games for the BBC B including:- English Civil War, Snorter, Theatre Quiz, Zalaga, Atic Atac, Sabre Wulf, Jet Pac, Knight Lore, BBC Mastermind, BBC Mastermind Quizmaster, Elixir, Palace of Magic, Quest, Arkanoid and many others. Also BEEBUG Toolkit ROM and Computer Concepts CARETAKER ROM. For: All Members From: 6EE Text: PROGRAMS WANTED:- Copy of CLARES B-Base Utilities disc. Does anyone have a copy of "tales of the Arabian Knights" by Interceptor Software and "Colorspace" by Llamasoft both on TAPE? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message to All Members ---------------------- From Andrew Black 722 --------------------- Since recently aquiring an EPROMer I have decided to open up an EPROMing service to all 8-Bit Software members. For those that don't know what an EPROM is, I will explain.... An EPROM stands for Erasable Programmable ROM. What this means is that you can put a program into a EPROM chip where it will remain until erased over with an Eraser. After putting the program into the chip, you can 'stick it' into a empty ROM socket. EPROMs are normally used for ROM development work by professional programmers. The program that goes into the EPROM can be anything. I can generate the Rom Header code for BASIC and Machine code routines which can be called from ROM just like a normal program. I can program the following types of EPROM... 1. 27128 - 16K 2. 2764 - 8K 3. 27256 - 32K All can be programmed in 12 or 21 volts. Bear in mind that in the BBC range of computers the computer can only understand ROMs up to 16K. There are, however, certain conditions attached to this service.... 1. YOU must supply the EPROMs and return P&P (about 22p). This is because it is very expensive for me to buy EPROMs in bulk. EPROMs cost around 3 each. Try Morley Electronics or Watford. 2. A small copying charge of 50p is levied to pay for time and power consumtion. No cheques please as it is not worth it. 3. Enclose an 80/40 track DFS disc with the program/programs on it. 4. Each EPROM can have a max. of 16 filenames reguardless of program size. 5. Explain fully what you want me to do. If you just want me program in a ROM image, tell me. 6. I have not got an EPROM eraser so only send me blank EPROMs. I will program an EPROM I recive the same day. All EPROMs are fully tested. If you do not understand the above information or have any queries reguarding EPROMs or EPROMing write to me enclosing an SAE. I will do my best to answer all inquires. EPROM Service, Andrew Black, PANTYRONNEN, ABERARTH, DYFED, SA46 0LA. Message to anyone with an ARIES B-32 board ------------------------------------------ If you have Mixamaina II vol. 2 and want to run the enhanced versions, send a blank 80T D/S disc to me with return P&P. Or if you want Mixamaina II vol. 2 anyway, do the same. The enhanced versions will use socket 13 to run. Send discs to same address as above.