8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software Users Mailbox (c) Duncan Webster 1991 Messages left for you from 8BS Appear Below ..... User 2J3 Hi! - Finally got around to doing issue 14 (sharp intake of breath). I think the other ambulance driver is user W5G, but I cannot be certain so I have put a message in the disc mag. in the hopes that he will phone me and I will pass on your address and phone no. if that is ok by you. Got your new phone proggy - luverly! - spent 1 hour entering all the codes I could think of and it worked perfectly. Your test version will go on issue 15 together with an advert for the full version. How are we getting on with the SORT ROUTINES article? - don't look so puzzled!!! - you've got ages anyway 'cause the way I am going I shall be lucky to get issue 15 out before Xmas. Can't stop now - bell me if you would like a chat - can't get the time to go online any more so don't leave any urgent messages on the BBs. Only 99 more discs to initialise.... Only 98 more discs to initialise.... (1 hour later) Only 97 .... Only 96 .... (I am finally convinced I am out of my tree!) Joke: "Pass me another Choirboy reverand, this one seems to have split" Joke2: Boeing 747 grounded at East Midlands airport due to cracks appearing in the Hostess'. (snigger!). Duncan.