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8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster 1991 Issue 14 (July 1991) HELP WANTED User: 204 Help: BLOC BUSTER (Micro User June 1991) Text: I have a question about part of the listing for the BLOC BUSTER game which appeared in the June edition of the Micro User. The user defined characters were defined using 4 digit hex numbers eg. VDU23,248,&FAFE;&EEF6;&BEDE;&FEFE. Can anybody explain the coding involved in defining these characters in this format? User: 442 Help: Wordwise + Text: Does anyone have a spellchecker for Wordwise Plus as it sure will help me alotte. User: 442 Help: Music Text: Can anyone lend me a good music program for a few weeks? If you think you can help then please contact me direct ... Andrew Parkes, 35 Cookfield Close, Bedfordshire. User: 2GJ Help: Gisburns Castle Text: Has anyone out there got a copy of this program? I used to have the old cassette version, but it was so unreliable and took so long to load that I ditched it. I used to enjoy it, but as I couldn't convert it I am not at a loss. User: Y80 Help: BBC Scanners Text: Does anyone out there own a Scanner? - NOT an image scanner but a receiver that they use either for tracking satellites or listening to the airband/amateur frequencies. I have an AOR AR 1000 Wide Range monitor and understand that there is software available for the BBC which enables it's connection to the User Port thus enabling satellite images to be displayed on screen. Also, has anyone have access to a Morse Decoder program that will turn morse code tones into text on the screen? Please contact me through my 8BS mailbox should anyone be able to help. User: 176 Help: Error Messages Text: Is there anyone out there who can give a summary of what to look for and what to do when BBC B and ELECTRON programs put up error messages? User: C83 Help: Sound Samples Text: Has anyone got a program that will collect Sound Samples from the user port and save them to disc? I have got all the hardware, I just need the software. Can anyone help?? User: 105 Help: ALL MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE!!! Text: I was recently speaking to a new member about 8BS in general. If you are an AMBULANCE PERSON by trade and have recently PHONED ME at 8BS then please PHONE AGAIN as Chris Richardson (2J3) who is also an ambulance person would like to get in touch with you and I have forgotton your name and ID. PLEASE GET IN TOUCH ASAP (I think you are from the Leeds area??)