8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster 1991 Issue 14 (July 1991) ON THIS MONTHS DISC (issue 14) Owing to the size of some of the programs on this months disc, there is not so much on the disc by way of quantity, even though the full 200K space available is virtually used. I hope that the quality of the software this month goes some way towards making up for the lack of quantity. You may have already noticed that when you boot the disc the computer will execute a "car start up" sequence using sampled sound. As this may become a bit of a chore, you can either amend the !boot file and delete the */KICKST line, or alternatively, just press CTRL BREAK and enter PAGE=&1900:CHAIN"!Menu" followed by the <return> key. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAM: Barbarian Screen Map Userful little map (mode 4) submitted by member 51E giving details of the popular Barbarian scenario. PROGRAM: Braille Translator An interesting program written by an 8BS member. Full details appear in the "Program Documentation" section of this magazine. PROGRAM: MAPLE LEAF RAG TUNE, NEWLIFE MUSIC, NINTH TUNE (AMPLE) Music pieces to keep the musical members of 8BS happy. The MAPLE tune is 100% machine code whilst the NINTH TUNE piece is for users of the Hybrid Music 5000 system. PROGRAM: REPTON 3 CHEAT Seeing as the competition on Repton 3 has been stopped, I see no point in delaying the issue of this useful little cheat program for members stuck on repton. Don't forget the new screen competition though!! PROGRAM: 3-A-LINE and 5-A-SIDE FOOTBALL Both submitted by A Shakoor, a regular contributor of programs to 8BS. Full instructions are supplied within each program. Watch out for the updated versions of ADDRESS BOOK and SHARES ACCOUNTANT which are BOTH to be launched next month. These updates are solely as a result of 8BS feedback. PROGRAM: MERGE, SNIP and PSAVE These files are undocumented within the 8BS main menu. Please refer to "Program documentation" section. PROGRAM: Faulty Program Y80 (Help) - $.Weird See "Program documentation". This member needs some help with a program he is writing and a copy of the faulty program has been supplied on this months disc in the hopes that an 8BS member might be of assistance. PROGRAM: PERIODIC TABLE PROGRAM An excellent first class utility from one of 8BS's overseas members. Invaluable to GCSE students as it provides a complete comprehensive breakdown of the periodic table. The menu option will load the 32k version. Another Master version is also supplied on this months disc under the filename $.PerTabM (undocumented within menu). PROGRAM: SYSTEMS server & Instructions. Please refer to the seperate articles regarding this software. 8BS MENU SYSTEM The Menu system has been altered slightly in preparation for the introduction of the standard "comment program" due later this year in which members will type their comments directly from the menu program before returning the issue disc to 8BS. More details of this will be published when the implementation draws closer. The title screen has been redesigned in order to free more space on one particular screen. There is also a new text file on each disc called 8BSUSERS or simalar which is accessed every time the menu is loaded and run. Members should not worry about these changes and should go on using the issue discs as before.