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8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster 1991 Issue 14 (July 1991) REPTON REPORTAGE Right, this competition on the BLOG screens has turned out to be a shambles! People are cheating all over the place so the competition is definately OFF. I might have known better than to trust any of you lot to be honest, so stop blinding me with your halo's because I know you lot for what you really are! I have decided to embark on a more foolproof competition, and one that will benefit ALL 8BS members. YOU CAN ALL CONSIDER ANY COMPETITIONS TO DATE CANCELLED. New competition details below. Closing date 31.09.91 so get hammering... Adam Case from Arch PD has most kindly donated an ORIGINAL copy of the Life of Repton plus a copy of 4th Dimension's MAGIC. The winner of this competition will have a choice of either of the top two, with the runner up receiving a consolation fiver. As if you hadn't already guessed, the new competition will be judged on the best set of new screens designed on Repton 3. If you have a copy of issue 13 you would have noticed Chris Richardson's new set of "ambulance" screens. This is an example only and is NOT a competition entry (sorry Chris). Every single entry will be published on an 8BS issue disc and the winner will be decided by a diplomatic 8BS members vote. Now 8BS hasn't got that many members when compared to a national magazine (about 100 regular members), and not all of you have a copy of Repton, and some of you hate the green plonker so there is a real chance that YOU can win! The competition is officially open from NOW (16th July 1991) - all screens (no matter how few) will be entered and published to members over the next 2-3 issues. If you design a game using the repton game designer then that is also eligable for the competition. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Comments on Past Screens Issued ... User 204: The distribution of new screens is the best idea you have ever had. I have been a fan of Repton since the original game came out. I was most impressed with the TOPD screens, so far getting to screen H with a few nights hard playing. The only complaint I can make is there are never enough puzzles involving boulders, but as I would not like to sit down and design a screen myself I cannot complain much. User 238: MORE PLEASE OF THIS QUALITY. User 4RR: Well Done 2J3 (Chris Richardson) on producing a wonderful new set of REPTON characters, especially the "firemen" (ex monster). Obviously a lot of time and effort has gone into the screens and this has paid off. Good levels of difficulty and design make it very enjoyable, and I still haven't completed it. User 14E: I found all the Repton screens to be very good. As my REPTON 3 is uploaded from tape to disc, all extra screens have to be loaded in from tape. So I downloaded the extra screens to tape and found they still work OK, so anyone with a tape version of Repton 3 with a bit of work can still play them. Hints ... User 204: Just from your interest I have the MEGA3 ROM from Computer concepts and to get the REPTON 3 screens to work I had to disable this ROM to get the screens to work. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- REPTON PASSWORDS A new section to the REPTON discussions this month. Chris Richardson, whom I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about, has produced a list of ALL Repton passwords to date - including all the screens submitted to 8BS. Passwords are to be published over a period of months as it is just not practical to do them all in one go. We will begin with the passwords to the AMERICA, ORIENT and OCEANS sections of AROUND THE WORLD IN 40 SCREENS. THE AMERICA SCREENS THE ORIENT SCREENS THE OCEANS SCREENS A 52463 A 10019 A 34645 B CURTAIN 57036 B THRUST 47727 B MAGENTA 44892 C VAMPIRE 2457 C COLNEL 29389 C ELECTED 15334 D CREATED 2560 D PERSONS 29842 D DISEASE 14535 E LUNATIC 16961 E CRICKET 48573 E THEATRE 14089 F MAXIMUM 15699 F TUNNELS 13365 F DREAMER 16710 G COMPOSE 56696 G INTENSE 34674 G CURRANT 55886 H COLOURS 10568 H GALLERY 36724 H GENERAL 13003 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- STOP PRESS Just as 8BS issue 14 was about to be rolled out to members WITHOUT the monthly fix for Repton junkies, Rob Bathgate comes to the rescue with a marvellous set of new screens to tackle. Seeing as Issue 14 was hopelessly late anyway, I decided to delay it a day further whilst I put the screens on the disc. This is the first set of screens to be officially entered into the competition described above so I would value your opinions. I am now clean out of Repton screens so unless you would like to go without you'd better start creating!!