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8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster 1991 Issue 14 (July 1991) SYSTEMS Server VERSION 6a - INTRODUCTION Longer established members will remember issue 4's SYSTEMS software, and a few members hold the pilot upgrade version 5a of the software. I mentioned in a recent issue that version 6a was to be a commercially viable program and thus not PD (with selected members from 8BS being granted free copies). I have, after much thought, decided to change my mind and make the whole working program CAREWARE as I do not think it would be fair to charge for a program that so many different people have put a lot of time and effort into. Very briefly for those who do not know, the SYSTEMS server is a comprehensive file management database incorporating a fileserving routine. It enables you to store information on ALL your programs on just ONE disc thus making searching, editing and even LOADING very easy indeed. I strongly recommend that you play around with the program for yourself to see what it is like before going any further. Select the "SYSTEMS Server VERSION 6a" from the issue 14 disc menu and when prompted for a DATABASE NAME you should enter "EXAMPLE" and then press <return>. The main menu will then be loaded and an example database installed. You can play around with the options in order to get a feel of the program - most of the options are self explanatory. It is best that I introduce the program to new users by "hands on" experience as SYSTEMS server itself is over 60k in size and is far too complex to highlight all the features it supports here. WARNING - Backup your disc first! - Or else! IMPORTANT - Although I have decided to issue SYSTEMS server on this disc, I still hold the copyright and I absolutely forbid anyone from making copies other than for their own use. SYSTEMS server must NOT be submitted to any other publisher, individual or PD library or the like. If you liked the feel of the program when using the example database, then you should copy the following files from the issue 14 disc to a BLANK formatted ADFS disc (if possible). If you have ADFS then use it! DFS is well supported, but does restrict the program in minor ways. Copy these files from the issue 14 disc to your blank disc ... SERVER1 SERVER2 SERVER3 SERVER9 !Server Having done this you must RENAME !server to !boot. Do this by using the standard *RENAME command on your BBC. Having done this, set the boot option on your new disc to EXEC by issuing the command *OPT4,3 from BASIC. Having done this, compact your disc by issuing the command *COMPACT. The disc is now ready for use. SYSTEMS server comes with a GIANT and easy to understand manual. The manual consists of 4 text files each 28k long so be warned. You can view the manual on screen from the issue 14 disc (select "SYSTEMS server MANUAL") if you prefer. Filenames for the manual are on side 2 of the issue 14 disc, and are called .... T.ServGd1 T.ServGd2 T.ServGd3 T.ServGd4 T.ServGd5 All files are plain ASCII and can be loaded into most word-processors. To print the manuals from BASIC, you can use the following program ... 5 ON ERROR VDU3:REPORT:PRINT" at line ";ERL:END 10 MODE0 20 VDU2 30 *TYPE <filename> (eg. T.ServGd1) 40 VDU3 50 END If you would like the manuals correctly formatted and printed for you, then I shall be happy to do this, but a charge of #2.00 will be levied to cover paper, ribbon, stamps and packing. Manuals requested will be printed and dispatched by return post. This new version of SYSTEMS server has been built up totally from the comments and suggestions received by YOU, the members of 8BS - a big, big THANKYOU to you all - and please KEEP THOSE COMMENTS ROLLING IN by using the sheets provided at the back of the manual.