8-Bit Software Online Conversion

5.3 Users Help Sheet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please tick the appropriate requirement before sending any necessary discs, Forms and return postage to 8-bit Software at this address:- 8-bit Software HELP SHEET, 7 Ashdale, Thringstone, Leics. LE6 4LW. tick : : Please transfer my old SYSTEMS files to the new version 6a format - I enclose a copy of my SYSTEMS disc and return postage and packing. : : Please supply this manual to me in the following alternative format ... ______ Lines Per Page _____ Lines Top Space _____ Lines Bottom Space : : Please enrol me as a member of 8-bit Software (membership free) I enclose a blank formatted 80 track DFS disc, plus return postage and packing. : : Please evaluate my ideas for improvement to the program. I have completed the review sheet and I attach it to this form. : : Please Investigate a problem I have encountered whilst using the SYSTEMS server, and advise me of any possible remedy. I enclose the necessary fault sheet which I have duly completed. : : Please put my P.D. Library on your list for future dispatch of a shareware version of SYSTEMS server. I confirm my understanding that version 6a of SYSTEMS is Not P.D. P.D. NAME & ADRESS ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ : : Other Miscellaneous Questions use rest of this form .... ______________________________________________________________________ 5.4 Users Fault Sheet ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This form should be used to explain any possible bug, error or general mis-operation of the systems program. Please be as thorough in your explanations as possible ... What Machine are you Using? What Filing System do you use? What format are you running SYSTEMS server from? What Directory do you run SYSTEMS server from? Are the Databases you use stored on the SAME directory? Describe the error (include all screen messages)? State as fully as possible what you were attempting to do at the time. Please add any other relevent information here. Please send this form, together with your users help sheet (see section 5.5), and a copy of the disc you were using to 8-bit Software. Reply should be within 5 working days. ______________________________________________________________________ 5.5 Users Review Sheet ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please complete this sheet after you have used SYSTEMS server for 1 month or more and return the sheet together with your users help sheet (see section 5.5) to 8-bit Software. What kind of programs are you using SYSTEMS server to organise? (ie. Games, Utils, Everything etc.) What organisational system did you use BEFORE the SYSTEMS program? How effective was this? In what way has the SYSTEMS server helped disc organisation the most? In what way has SYSTEMS server helped disc organisation the LEAST? Do you make use of the Loading Gateway? If yes, do you find the Loading Gateway useful? - Why? Are there any improvements you think urgently need to be made to the SYSTEMS server as a whole? How has this Manual Helped you with the SYSTEMS server? Is the manual unclear or vague in any way? - if so - where? Are there any further questions you would like to ask? Please return this form to 8-bit Software. Thank you for your time.