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8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster 1991 Issue 15 September 1991 THE A-Z OF GAME CHEATS by Mark Ainsworth and Andrew Snodgrass 51E: ARKANIOD ***************************************** Jump forward a level: Pause (Delete), then press D, H and J. Start from prev. level: Press P, A and J on hi-score table. Slow: Hold Down <Shift>+<Delete>+<copy> during play. 51E: CLOGGER ****************************************** Extra Time: Press <SPACE> Halfway through your laset second of time remaining, and if sucessful you should have 99 minutes of time left. YJ2: COMMANDO ***************************************** Type *LOAD TGAME <RETURN>. Then make modifications as below. When finished type CALL&2300 <RETURN>. ?&2355 - SPEED OF GAME(0 is full speed) ?&23BB=0 - INFINITE LIVES ?&24DC - NUMBER OF BONUS LIVES GAINED EVERY 10000 POINTS ?&2539 - START LEVEL NUMBER, 0 TO 3 ?&254D - INITIAL NUMBER OF LIVES ?&2553 - NUMBER OF GRENADES ?&2D55=0 - WALK OVER TRENCHES ?&2D85 - NUMBER OF GRENADES IN A BOX ?&2EB5=1 - REPEATING FIRE ?&31F0=&D0 - SOLDIERS DIE INSTANTLY ?&3211=&FE - SOLDIERS DISAPPEAR WHEN KILLED ?&34E6=&A9:?&34E7=1 - SOLDIERS DO NOT SHOOT ?&369E=0 - IMPERVIOUS TO CARS,TRUCKS OR MOTORBIKES ?&3829 - NUMBER OF HITS REQUIRED TO DESTROY A CAR OR MOTORBIKE (WITH 0 IT EXPLODES INSTANTLY) ?&3867 - NUMBER OF HITS REQUIRED TO DESTROY TRUCK, 5 OR LESS CAUSES IT TO EXPLODE INSTANTLY. ?&3C13=0 - INFINITE BRENADES ?&3CDC=0:&3CDF=&F0 - IMPERVIOUS TO GRENADES ?&4011=0:?&4014=&F0 - IMPERVIOUS TO BULLETS 51E: DEATHSTAR **************************************** Level Jump: Press <CAPS LOCK>+<CTRL>+<ESCAPE> during play to jump to the next level. 51E: FIRETRACK **************************************** Level Jump ) Press <SHIFT LOCK>, COPY, f0 and f9 together during play Extra Lives ) followed by ESCAPE in order to program f9 to send you to the last level with 42 lives. YJ2: HUNKIDORY **************************************** Select S for sound and then CTRL-C + 123456789 for start level 1-9 OR TYPE Q-P for levels 10-19 51E: IMOGEN ******************************************* Enter the Password DEBUG-MODE. Now you can enter these passwords... GIMME: Collect all 16 parts of the spell. EPILOGUE: See what happens when you complete the game. DUMP: Dump screen to EPSON compat. Printer. NORMAL-MODE: Return game to normal. 51E: IMPACT ******************************************* Press <SHIFT>+<ESCAPE> on the high score table. Then press.... J: Jump forward a level G: Get a free token <CTRL>: Lose a Life D: Start Demo L: Reveal frame codes for editor (on hi-score table) 51E: KOURTYARD **************************************** Press <SHIFT>+_ Then press a function key... f0: Load next level f1: Infinate Arrows f2: Infinate Lives f3: Remove all baddies f4: Practice on Bonus Screen (found between levels) YJ2: MR. EE CHEAT / VDU COMMANDS FOR MASTER *********** !&1ECF=&031001A9 - INFINATE LIVES VDU COMMANDS: VDU23,224,195,102,60,24,60,102,195,129 VDU23,225,15,30,60,120,240,225,195,135 VDU23,226,0,126,126,126,0,231,231,231 VDU23,227,96,240,249,255,159,15,6,0 (TYPE BEFORE RUNNING GAME) 51E: MR. WIZ ****************************************** Level Jump: Press <SPACE>+<ESCAPE> to advance a level during the gameplay. 51E: OMEGA ORB **************************************** Type GROVEL at computer terminal for an extra life (which can of course be exchanged for credits. 51E: PSYCASTRIA 2 ************************************* From BASIC, type *FX 231,1 <Return>, followed by *RUN PSY <Return> Once the game has loaded press the keys I, L, T, D and N all together. When asked for a password type PORSCHE. 51E: QUEST ******************************************** Reincarnation: Press R, E, I, N, C, A and T all together when you die. You will reincarnate at you present position. This feature can only be used up to 4 times maximum. 51E: RANSACK ****************************************** Extra Lives: Enter WAMALAMADINGDONG in high-score table for 230 lives Level Jump: Press <CTRL>+f4. Then press <SPACE> to start on level 2 Repeat procedure to jump to any level up to 8. YJ2: REPTON 3 ***************************************** Insert Repton 3 or A.T.W.F.S. or Life of Repton or Repton Thru' Time disc into disc drive. Type *DIR D Type PAGE=&900:LOAD"REPTON1" Type 5MODE5 Then put the following on line 115 ?&2FED=0 - DON'T NEED TO COLLECT ANY DIAMONDS OR KILL ANY MONSTERS ?&2FF4=0 - YOU DO'T NEED TO COLLECT ANY CROWNS !&301D=&08A9EAEA - FINISH THE GAME AFTER COMPLETING THE FIRST SCREEN ?&311C=&A9:?&311D=1 - INFINITE LIVES ?&1B5A=x - WHERE x IS NUMBER OF LIVES NEEDED ?&304A=9 - ENABLE VIEWING OF LAST THREE MAPS MORE INFO: On levels A-E pressing M will display a map of the screen, freezing the countdown timer. This option is not available on the last three screens. On these, however (If you don't use the cheat above) pressing M still freezes the timer allowing you to complete the screen at your leisure. 51E: SAIGON ******************************************* Level Jump: Press <SHIFT> plus the level to jump to, then press SPACE. 51E: SARACOID ***************************************** Level Jump: Press G then L in rapid succession on title page. Then type your selected starting level and press RETURN. You will then have 8 lives. 51E: SPHERE OF DESTINY 2 ****************************** LOAD as normal, then press J, U, M and P all together. Then give the password PORSCHE. All black holes will have been replaced by bonus tiles. 51E: STRYKERS RUN ************************************* Press C, H, R, I and S and the game will be frozen. You can then scroll the landscape with the cursor keys. This is for the Master enhanced version only. 51E: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK ************************** Infinate Shields: Press f6 then f0 on the title screen. YJ2: THRUST ******************************************* *LOAD THRUST3 ?&56EB=0 CALL&5720 WAIT FOR 5 SECONDS THEN PRESS BREAK ... ?&5685=0:?&56C7=&60 CALL&5633 ?&1971=0:?&1981=0 - INFINITE LIVES ?&1A54=0:?&1A56=0 - INFINITE FUEL WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED TYPE CALL&3C80. 51E: WAREHOUSE **************************************** Invunerability: Play until you get yourself onto the high-score table then enter your initials, then type 10101052422A exactly as shown when the high score table is displayed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Please do not forget that we have 2 games editors at 8BS. If you have a problem with a game, or would just like to ask a question (as usual; ANYTHING) then please write in. However I do acknowledge that it is up to our editors to think up a lot of material for themselves (after numerous phone calls from members) - after all if they couldn't then they wouldn't be editors would they? If you know of a cheat (past and present games) that is not listed here, then please send it in. List will be published again towards the end of the year.