8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster September 1991 Issue 15 September 1991 COMING NEXT MONTH Miroslaw Bobrowski's article on Non-Linear Equations for all you mathematically minded people. The article comes with a comprehensively written program demonstrating the usefulness of this utility for educational purposes. I am sure that all school teachers and students alike will find this information useful. Chris Richardson takes over the Sorting Routines gauntlet whilst at the same time taking us through the development of a program so that us lesser mortals can see inside the "mind" of a programmer at work (ha!). Unlike Hugh William's comprehensive and technical article on the methods of sorting, Chris will be as basic as possible in his description of the sort routines. Any comments on Hugh William's article meanwhile would be most welcome. 1K1: Sattar Skakoor Watch out for a new game - called Satellite Havac programmed by Mr. Shakoor. I have had the pleasure of seeing a demonstration version, and this program is quite different from any submitted in the past. Based on an original idea, but will take some thought and practice to master. Should be available for issue 16. If you enjoyed Liverpool Manager, then a new updates version is also on it's way to members for issue 16. I just don't know where Sattar gets the time to write all this software?? 709: Hugh Williams A sequel (if you can call it that) to the excellent self contained article on this months disc. Hugh will continue to delve into the mathematics behind computer sorting routines which have eluded many members for too long. 53B: John Carpenter I was going to publish John Carpenters "Search for Sanity" program, but on playing the game myself I have decided to make it SPECIAL REQUEST only, as the humour within the program may not appeal to all members. It's a pity really as the layout and concept of the game is very good. Briefly it is just a bit of fun built around an adventure game. If you are broad minded enough to stand the humour then send for a copy. It will not appear on any future issue disc. YJ2: Andrew Snodgrass A very simple, but extremely useful "DISC ENVELOPE CREATOR" which will print the dimensions of a disc sleeve on your printer, along with instructions as to which ends to stick together. I am sure every member has experienced the frustration of having one too few disc sleeve - well with this program and the correct paper, you can now make your own. 722: Andrew Black A very easy to understand ARCHIVE program will be on the disc next month. It is important that members try and use this program, as it is going to be the basis for ARCed material on the monthly discs in the future (thus temporarily solving the disc space problem). Next month will see a "dummy run" so that members can familiar themselves with the procedure. Y80: Alex Savvides Version 2 of Alex's TREE RENAME utility will be on the disc after members comments inspired him to make a few changes. Alex's Memory Dump program will also be in issue 16. B27: Dr H L Clarke Members who remember the AMCOM DFS to ACORN ADFS transfer program published in a recent issue will be pleased to learn that the program has been adapted, and a second version brought out to transfer ACORN DFS file to ACORN ADFS. This version will appear on issue 16. MRM SKELETON STORYBOARD Remember software company MRM? - I wonder if they are still in business? Anyway, if your memory is exceptionally good, you will know that this company was responsible for the 'YOSSA' storyboard program which was .... quite amusing - you know!! - the "G'is A Job" one. If you remember this, then you might remember another storyboard published by the same company called NITE and DAY which to my knowledge is much better thanb the YOSSA ones. Gary Davies has found a copy of the NITE and DAY screens amoungst his PD archives - Hopefully, after checking for copyright, this will appear on next months disc.