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8-bit Softwarw Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster September 1991 Issue 15 September 1991 REPTON REPORTAGE Oh well I suppose it was too good to last. Not one member has sent any new Repton Screens in this month so I am afraid we will have to go without. I suppose it was just as well this month as there would have been no available disc space anyway. Just a reminder that the competition is still on, but the closing date has been extended to the end of the year. After consideration I have decided to enter ALL screens published to date into the competition after screams of protest from a few anonymous members. I resisted at first but Chris threatend to phone me every night until I did so I relented at once. In the absence of any new screens, I think this months section will be best used if I clear out my Repton in-tray - so here it all is. For the benefit of new members please refer to issue 13 and 14 for details of the Repton competition, and then send me your screens. Rob Bathgate's REPTON SCREENS Reviews ... 2J3: C.Richardson I have completed the K1P REPTON screens, WITHOUT cheating! I must say I feel slighted at Duncan's statement, accusing us all of cheating! What is the point of playing if you cheat? Actually, I must admit that I used the cheat to check the screens out first, then after discovering that they were completable, I set to and played them through without a single cheat. I think the K1P screens are the best screens issued by 8BS so far (not counting mine!). The level of difficulty is just enough to keep me interested. Although it doesn't seem to increase evenly as the screens go on, screen F is too easy I think. The last screen had me sat on the edge of my chair for quite some time until I got the hang of it. The graphics are quite good, in fact I think that the diamonds and safes are better than the origionals. I hope that other people send in their efforts to keep the ball rolling. I may set on shortly to construct some more screens with a few more boulder puzzles. 204: Carl Wheat The graphics on this set of screens are very good, the problem being that there does not seem to be enough time allowed for the user to complete each screen. REPTON PASSWORDS (number 2) Continuing our series of publishing ALL Repton passwords up to date, we now continue with the ARCTIC and AFRICA screens from Around the World, and begin the BABY and SCHOOL screen passwords for The Life of Repton. New members may like to note that this password section began last month. AROUND THE WORLD IN 40 SCREENS (continued) ARCTIC AFRICA A 25363 A 53997 B DIAMOND 20049 B WELCOME 54996 C RUBBISH 44028 C WORKING 36857 D MANAGER 10455 D FIREMAN 13942 E PACKAGE 18279 E KESTREL 25155 F PRIVATE 43587 F REFRACT 26421 G CAPITAL 8380 G ADDRESS 39304 H DUNGEON 21510 H RECEIVE 51901 THE LIFE OF REPTON BABY SCHOOL A 56882 A 36216 B KEYHOLE 44287 B ADVANCE 14562 C FAILURE 58847 C BAPTISE 49514 D GADGETS 24882 D LESSONS 39008 E REACTOR 61197 E ZIPPERS 21622 F REUNION 19047 F BLEAKLY 27442 G OBSERVE 5067 G CORPSES 4831 H DIVERGE 36440 H ZYGOTES 21882