8-Bit Software Online Conversion

******** COMING NEXT MONTH / COMING SOON After the disappointment of (possibly) not being able to publish Chris Richardson's full STD code demo program due to copyright reasons, I was delighted to receive Chris' latest offering and this really does look superb. Unfortunately, due to space limitations I cannot put this program on issue 16. The program itself is a Sound Sample Editor called "Mix-Ed" written by Chris himself. Basically it allows you to load in pre-recorded sound samples and then mess around with them until your heart's content. You do not need any special equipment to use this program - just a model B or Master. I must warn you though - having played with the program myself for a while I have to admit that it makes you want to go out and buy a sampler of your own. More details (and hopefully the full program) next month. MACHINE CODE? If you're like me (doing my Dennis Norden bit) then you have attempted many times to grasp the basis of machine code or Assembley language and failed miserably on all attempts with the best acheivement being the manual developing the skill of flying across the room and back. In a last attempt to set the record straight, Andrew Black is going to provide a small regular column stretching over a number of issues containing hints and tips on machine code for the absolute beginner. Watch this space for further details. Harston ADFS (HADFS) After his long spell in Hong Kong, Mr. Harston is back in the BBC Public Domain world and thus I have the opportunity to be able to feature his own ADFS ROM or HADFS as it is called. Basically it enables you to specially format your discs using just an old Acorn DFS (not the 1770 version) and you are then able to use it rather like the Acorn ADFS. However the HADFS and Acorn ADFS formats are not compatible. J.H. has written to me and I have just written back asking him to provide further details, plus his permission to distribute his HADFS with a supporting article to 8BS members. Watch this space. FUTURE SOFTWARE / ARTICLES A lot of software has been held back this month (archivers aren't everything you know) due to space limitations. If you were expecting your software this month and it is absent, then do not worry as it will probably appear next month. Future software includes ... Satelite Havac by A.S.Shakoor ... This was due for this issue, but instead I have published Mr. Shakoor's "Slatter". Satelite Havac (which is brilliant) will appear next month. A small discussion about the AMX Packages that are around mainly the publishing ones (Stop Press, Fonts etc.). Gary Davies (348) has been messing around with a few of them and has a few utilities on offer plus a few questions and answers. If you have any news or queries on this subject then please write in. If Andrew Snodgrass (YJ2) still has a copy of his AMX fonts disc then I would love another copy as mine is AWOL. Also from Gary Davies - One Liners! You know those infuriating programs taking up no more than one line or so of programming that appear in magazines dotted here and there. Some of them are good and some are not. An ARCed version of 10 or so one liners will appear next month. Other software coming along includes an improved Liverpool Manager game (see earlier issue), an excelleng Miles Per Gallon program (including attractive graphs etc.), a pools predictor, a VIEW utility which will strip files to ASCII (for 8BS submissions etc.), a disc envelope creator, John Carpenter's Search for Sanity (great!) and hopefully I shall be standardising all Member to Member messages by use of an on-screen message editor. All this and more (providing someone sends me some more) is coming along in future issues. Future articles planned include a regular PD library review in which one PD library is under the spotlight each month, some more humerous articles from the same place as "on-line addiction" except better. Andrew Black should start his Machine Code Hints and I shall be starting a small discussion column for Beeb owners who may be considering the upgrade to the Archimedes range of machines. If you would like to send in questions about these machines then please start as soon as possible. The above is only a taste of what is planned but we ALWAYS welcome new ideas so don't leave it to someone else to think of them. Issue 17 will be rolled out towards the end of November. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ADDITIONAL FOOTNOTE As issue 16 rolls out, we start to look towards Christmas. Beleive it or not the Christmas issue of 8BS is only 61 days away! I am therefore asking any member who may have some festive or seasonal software to consider sending it in, or if you are in a creative mood, why not send in some Xmas pictures and/or demos/music etc? If anyone has any idea of anything we could do that is out of the ordinary for the coming season, then please get in touch at the usual address.