8-Bit Software Online Conversion

******** On This Months Disc NOTE: A few of the programs on the disc are ARCHIVES and thus must be run through a decompactor before they can be run. Please refer to the appropriate article within this months magazine for instructions on how to do this. ARCed files are clearly marked in the list below. Program: BONES and NITE DAY Oldies these, but I still load them up from time to time whilst relaxing. Quite entertaining if you haven't already got them. One of the few "demo's" available for a BBC Model B. No comments required. Program: MASTERMIND by Carl Wheat. Excellent conversion of the popular mind game. The computer has selected 4 colours and concealed them from view. You have a set amount of turns to guess the colour combination. The computer will let you know how many correct colours are in the correct order, and how many correct colours are in the wrong order in response to each turn. Comments on this program would be welcome. Program: "BUZZ" ALDRIN Picture and explanatory text of Astronaut "Buzz" Aldrin as he bounces around on the Moon's surface. Looks good on both colour and mono monitors alike and equally good printed. No Comments required. Program: CHEMISTRY TEST Another program submitted by an 8BS member. Useful in the fact that you can use it as a Chemical Symbol information database as well as a quiz. Comments on this program would be welcome. Program: NON LINEAR EQUATIONS If you can understand any of this then you are better than me. This program is about (would you beleive) Non Linear Equations. Full discussion and user guide is also in this magazine. I suppose it may be interesting to someone out there. Just what are Non Linear Equations? (showing my ignorance here). Program: SLATTER by A.S. Shakoor A similar game to Tetris but the object is to get three blocks of the same colour in a row. Due to memory limitations, Sattar cannot stop the blocks from "overlapping" which does interfere with the gameplay a little. However if any member can fix this problem then please do so and send in the result - Sattar will be very grateful. Comments on this program would be welcome. Program: XTRA CATALOGUE An alternative to the *CAT or *. command. Can't really see the use of this program at all but there may be something I am missing which is why I have placed it on the disc. No Comments Required. Program: FORMATTED PROGRAM LISTER by A.Savvides Utility to view BASIC programs in a structured format just like text files. Upon loading the computer will print the disc catalogue (DFS only) and prompt for a filname. The chosen file is then presented. Comments on this program would be welcome. Program: ARCHIVED SOFTWARE (various) This program will list all programs on this months disc that have been compacted using Andrew Black's Archiver utility. Full instructions on how to DeARC the software is provided in a separate article. Programs under the archiver are Musical titles, 3 Versions of Battleships, Digitised Picture files and Hugh Williams' Sorting Article Part 2. Program: ARCHIVER / DEARCHIVER Excellent and easy to use utility that provides the means to store any number of programs all together under just one filename. This is especially useful if you are always up to your 31 filename limit when using DFS. Just run the program and follow the on screen instructions. A number of ARCed programs are on this disc and you will need this program to DeARC them. Refer to accompanying article for further guidance. Comments on this Program would be Welcome. Program: MUSIC WALTZ This AMPLE file is for the Acorn Music 500 and will not load into BASIC. One of the much better tunes written for the Music 500 (now superceeded by the Hybrid Music 5000). If you are thinking of buying a cheap music system for your BBC or Master, then watch this space for a full review of the Music 5000 coming soon. Comments not required. Program: TREE RENAME UTILITY VERSION 2 For DFS users, Alex Savvides has updated his Tree Rename program to make the utility more user friendly as well as a couple of new features. Thanks to all members who sent in opinions of the last version. Please see the user guide within this magazine for further details. Comments on this program would be welcome. Program: DFS to ADFS Transfer by Dr. H. Clarke After Dr Clarke's Amcom to ADFS transfer program which appealed to a limited number of members, a further version has been launched which copes with the much more popular Acorn DFS to ADFS transfer problem. Full instructions are provided within this magazine. Comments on this program, particulary the efficiency and speed would be welcome.