8-Bit Software Online Conversion

SYSTEMS RETURN Since Version 6a was rolled out on the issue 14 disc, many questions have been asked which I cannot possibly answer all at once. I have selected 2 of the most detailed questions and hints below and I have commented on each one. Hopefully this will also benefit other members of 8BS. Should anyone have further questions unanswered then please drop me a line. 2GJ: Roger Pashby I have spent a lot of time transferring my 150+ PD records from the old version onto this, so I hope that there aren't too many bugs. As yet I haven't encountered any, but ... One thing I have done, is altered the "SOURCE" prompt to "DRIVE" - a problem that I discovered was that when I wanted to LOAD a program through the gateway I couldn't always be certain as to which side of a disc it was located - not all stuff is on 0 as you will know from the discs you send us! This information is not included in the prompts, but I now have a version which DOES. Something to think about? Just one other niggle, I would prefer the NOTES to be more accessible. I think I have to go through three menus to get there, and I do use them quite a lot. As for the rest of the program, it does seem to be a great improvement. It is certainly faster, and the dump routine is rather professional. 8BS REPLY: The point you have made Re: Drive numbers I feel is very valid, but the decision to support DFS as well as ADFS was more of an afterthought rather than specifically planned at the beginning. More and more people are tending to use the more versatile ADFS system (especially on the Master Series Machines) as their primary filing system, whilst keeping the DFS for compatibility reasons. It was thought at the time that it was not worth sacrificing program space to implement the DFS system any more than it already is, as the number of people who do not have access to ADFS is very limited. Seeing as the ADFS system treats both physical surfaces of a disc as one "drive" the need to specify drive "sides" was eliminated. It is pointed out in the manual that although SYSTEMS will support DFS comfortably, those members with an ADFS system should use it. However you seem to have found a solution of your own which appears to be working well. ******* L1L: Jock Smylie As a first time user of Systems Server I was very impressed with both the power and the ease of use of the program. Although a reasonable effort is required to enter the details of every program I own (having only partially attempted this) I beleive the rewards are bountiful. The only query I have is - is there any way of having more than 999 files in the one database or is this limit constricted by the BBC's memory? The Upgrade for sorting files into alphabetical/numerical order is awaited eagerly. 8BS REPLY: I have to point out that it may be some time before the next upgrade to Systems is rolled out. A few members are at present piloting the next program in the SYSTEMS series (called SYSTEMS Menus) which can create/amend/read stand alone disc menus which present themselves when each disc is auto booted. Owing to the time this is taking up, I do not envisage getting the time to upgrade the main systems program until the turn of the year. To answer your other quesion - it is possible to have more than 999 files per database, but at the time of writing and bearing in mind the facility to hold more than one database on a single disc it was not envisaged that any member would need more than 999 records per database. However, time and experience is telling me otherwise, and the 999 limit could well be removed from the program come the next upgrade.