8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software ISSUE 16 (c) Duncan Webster November 1991. Music 500 Software Title: WALTZ Filename: 5.Waltz Side: 0 (zero) This piece of software can only be used in conjunction with the Acorn Music 500 synthesiser (nb - NOT the Music 5000). In order to hear this piece you should perform the following tasks ... 1. Reset your Machine 2. Make sure your Music 500 unit and amplifier is switched on. 3. Reset your Machine again. 4. Boot up your AMPLE BCE disc. 5. Remove your AMPLE BCE disc and insert the Issue 16 Disc. 6. Enter the following command after the "%" prompt ... "5.Waltz" LOAD RUN ..... And press <Return>. The piece should start playing shortly.