8-Bit Software Online Conversion

New Disc Magazine Guidelines ______________________________________________________________________ The new format disc magazine is essentially very easy to use. To gain the maximum benefit of the new magazine, please bear the following instructions and guidelines in mind ... 1. Upon Booting disc you will be presented with a menu which is controlled by a menu bar highlight. Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to move the RED highlight bar in the same way as normal when using the 8BS PD-software Menu. 2. Not all articles are in Mode 7 - some will appear as the old-style ASCII format - For ASCII files (scrolling mode 3 black and white only) use the SHIFT key to scroll articles. 3. For Mode 7 COLOUR articles, use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to scroll forwards and backwards respectively through the article. 4. *** ESCAPE will ALWAYS return you to the Magazine Menu *** Any Problems encountered when using the new magazine format should be reported the next available SUNDAY by phone on 0530 222907 or any day by mail to the normal address. Duncan Webster.